Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is It Time For Bed Yet?

I was back home this weekend with Prince Charming and LadiesMan. LadiesMan had never been to Hayden before, so showing him around was a must.

Saturday I went skiing with my dad and totally rocked it. I feel super awesome for only having been on a pair of skis twice ever in my life. We joke about how I'm going to be a sensation at the 2014 Olympics. In '11 I'll hone in my epic kills, but '12 I'll be racing and in '13 I'll be racing professionally so that in '14 I'll be in ship shape for the Olympics. It should be rad. I'll keep you all informed on my progress!

Saturday night I played Apples to Apples with a large group of boys. My sister and I were out numbered, but not out witted. I won with a total of 11 green cards. If you haven't played Apples to Apples before, you should. Not only does it have the potential to be extremely entertaining and hilarious, but you learn things about the people you play with. I highly recommend it. Especially with teenage boys. Eight teenage boys and two girls. 

Seriously. Entertaining.

Sunday after church, we visited downtown Coeur d'Alene and walked around Tubbs Hill with my camera. 

LadiesMan stuck his hand in the water. I should have dared him to take a dip, but despite the relatively warm weather, the water is probably still freezing. 

You know, since it takes longer for water to warm up than air and all. Minor details.

Today was beautiful. It was like someone upstairs knew we were going to be outside today and told the sun to shine extra bright. I loved being outside and soaking up sun rays. It made me forget about everything I have to do now that I'm back home at school. 

Plus, I got to experiment with silhouettes. I have so much trouble spelling that word. It's ridiculous.


LadiesMan was bent on making it look like he was pushing Prince-y into the water without actually pushing him in. It was quite the sight to see. 

These boys are fun to hang out with. And LadiesMan likes taking pictures just as much as I do. Here's some of what he snapped today:

We had so much fun today that I fell asleep in the car on the way home. Prince was driving and at first he wasn't too keen on my closing my eyes. It felt like I only closed them for a few minutes and all of a sudden we were pulling into Moscow and I'd missed a beautiful sunset. 

Sorry you don't get more sunset pictures today. 

I carried my baggage back in my dorm room, and all I wanted to do was go back to bed. My eyes were saying sleeeeeeeeep! You need sleeeeeep! And my brain was conflicted because it wanted to agree with my eyes, but at the same time it wanted to do internet things and edit pictures. 

Inevitably my brain won and instead of napping I'm in LadiesMan's room watching Prince play a videogame while LadiesMan does homework and I'm blogging. A very social group we are. All using technology...not talking to each other. 

I think someday I will try to get a picture of what it must look like to outside observers. A typical night for us, you know. Screen time. 

The average child in the upcoming generations have on average 7 1/2 hours of screen time daily. This includes cell phone, computers, and TVs. I want to be angry about that, because when I was little my mom would kick us outside. 

"It's a nice day! What are you doing in here watching TV? Go outside and play!" 

And we'd go. Outside. And we'd play Indians in the backyard with a bunch of neighborhood friends. Or we'd ride bikes. Or we'd play kick ball in the front yard. Sometimes we would find a trampoline to go jump on. 

What do kids these days do? Do they even know what outsideland is? Sometimes I wonder. But then I just think, well miss Natalie? What are you doing right now? And here I sit in front of a screen. 

After church this morning we had delicious breakfast burritos. Then before we all left for Moscow there were Red Robin burgers to be had. But now I'm hungry again, so I believe it's off to forage for food. 

Too bad tomorrow is Monday. What an awful waste of a one seventh of a week. 

Next weekend is Spring Break. Who knows what I'll be doing, but this week is full of projects and presentations. Am I excited? No way. Am I gonna be fine? I believe so. 

Am I gonna be tired? You betcha. 


  1. Oh my gosh, when friends come over to my mom's house they all bring their laptops because we have wireless internet, and we just sit there in the living room... all of us on our computers... barely talking talking. I've always wanted to take a picture of it. My mom says it's the most hilarious thing she's ever seen.

    ps: You look really great in that one shot!

    pps: I love playing Apple to Apples!!

  2. i love the pics!! the silhouette ones look awesome! and lady i don't know how you're still awake! i would be passed out if i were you! good luck this week...hope you sneak in some zzzzzs!

  3. I love the pictures of the silhouettes, very cool. And I feel conflicted about all my screen time too..

  4. Nice post and great pictures! My spring break is this week and I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can while catching up on homework =)

  5. Beautiful pictures! Wish I could take pics like that!

    I am so conflicted about technology (at least where I'm concerned because I love it but think Man-Child should spend more time away from it.... ::sigh:: the conflict of a modern day mom.

  6. Great photos! Good luck on this coming week!


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