Monday, February 22, 2010

The Weekend And Other Some Such Things

Sunday afternoon Prince Charming and I made the trip from Hayden back to Moscow. I made him drive against his will, but he got over it. Besides, being the passenger seat I was able to take pictures of the surrounding scenery.

You're welcome.

The rolling hills outside Moscow are just beautiful. I alternated between snapping shots of passing trees and hills and hills with trees on them and playing DJ with my iPod. It was good times. The sun was in our eyes for a lot of the drive because it was the afternoon, which made for some interesting sun flares.

But since the speed limit is 60 mph, some of my pictures were blurry and didn't turn out so great. Some, on the other hand though, turned out awesome.

It's weird not having any snow on the ground during this time of year though. Last year we were buried in the snow and this year there's nary a flake to be found. However, there's snow in the mountains and on Saturday my dad took me to Lookout Pass.

I boarded at first because that's what I do. But then we decided to rent me some skis and after six or eight runs down the little bunny hill, I headed off for the green runs rocked my way down the face! Dad kept saying I picked it up pretty fast. TheKeeper apparently gave up his ski attempt after like a half hour or something. 

We're competitive and so basically, I win.

Saturday night Prince Charming, my dad and I made Mexican pork burritos, Mexican rice, guacamole, and cooked vegetables. Seriously. Delicious. If you aren't jealous you should be. Even if you don't like Mexican food, like me.

But now the weekend is over, so we're back to Monday whether I was ready for it or not. We drew with our erasers in Drawing II today. It's a lot harder to cover the paper with compressed charcoal and then erase strategically to get your desired picture. I got really into it though. My hands were black and I got charcoal all over my face. 

I still have charcoal underneath my fingernails because it won't leave my hands. It looks kinda gross, I'm not gonna lie. 

And then in Design Process II we're working with acrylic paints. We did a color wheel, and now we're doing color interaction. The color wheel has the primary colors (magenta, cyan and yellow like your colored ink cartridges in your printers), the secondary colors (orange, green and purple) and then all the tertiary colors (such as red-purple and blue-green, etc). And then we had to go through and mix all of the complimentary colors into their own shade of brown. 

So our beautifully colorful wheels now have various poop shades slathered in the middle. It's very attractive, I assure you.

The color interactions we are doing are 4in x 4in squares of complimentary colors with a third color in a 1in x 1in square in the middle. The two complimentary colors will make the color in the middle appear to be two different colors even though it is exactly the same color. I swear to you, color is the craziest thing ever.

Craziest. Thing. Ever.

To top everything off, this week is Jazz Fest. So my little coffee shop in the Admin Building? Yeah, it's going to be swamped. Not only am I working Tuesday and Thursday, but also Friday and Saturday. It's gonna be fun! 

At least this week should go by fast, right? I mean, I'll be super busy and all...and doesn't time fly when you're busy? I sure hope so...


  1. How are you making your pictures so big?!

  2. Wow! Your design class color wheel thing sounds exactly like my favorite episode of Blue's Clues! Seriously! Except that Joe calls the tertiary colors by names like "chartreuse" intead of "yellow-green" because the world needs more precocious pre-schoolers. :)

  3. Great pictures! We are having a TERRIBLE winter this year-- ans last year was Awesome. I guess we can't have it all every year.

    Funny - your rolling hills up close) look like some in Iowa.

    Great blog! I came over here from Suki's blog.


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