Wednesday, February 10, 2010

She's Here!!

Meet my new and shiny black beautiful Canon Rebel XS. She's my favorite. As soon as I got her I started taking pictures.

Unfortunately, the memory card decided it didn't want to work. So I lost a few of the pictures I had already taken. But it turns out that I just have to use the cable to download my pictures instead of doing it straight off the memory card like I used to could.

But she takes beautiful photos. I'm still figuring out everything and I will probably be taking pictures all weekend until everyone is thoroughly tired of having a camera in their face.

But what funny faces some of them will make! Especially mine. 

She needs a name though, any suggestions?


  1. We have the same camera! LEGIT!

    I named my Stella. What's your favorite story?

  2. Thats so cool she finally got there!!!
    I remember when I first got mine... It was christmas day and I didnt have a memory card and I was going nuts all day because no stores were open!! but besides that fact I was returning the camera anyways to get the one I really wanted. and I didnt want to wait. lol

    Definitely do upload some of the pics!!
    Im happy for you!!

  3. Holy crud, you have a picture taking device now... the world shall be over! JK!

    Now I have to watch all my actions so you don't take any funny pictures of me doing weird things, well, I am always a bit odd, but fun. So.. snap away!

  4. Oooo...she's pretty! ;D Have fun!!!


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