Monday, January 25, 2010

Those Comforting Voices

This is my mother.

In 1975.

She's cute, huh?

I know. And she still makes that same expression too. Her hair is just a lot shorter now than it is in that picture.

She posted this picture on the ever legendary authority on everything from relationship statuses to people innermost thoughts they share through their status updates and picture captions, Facebook.

This photograph is what led me to find out that I am now on dementia medication.

Me: it's weird to imagine that that's you in this photo. i only know you as mom. this is an alternate identity, i'm sure of it.

Mom: Yeah, this is before I became a fun sucker!!!

(Let the records show my mother is NOT a fun sucker. Actually she's awesome and Prince told me that he thinks I'll be just like her whenever I become a mom. Just sayin')

Then my uncle decides to add to our conversation, sparking a whole different direction of dialog.

Uncle Droll: Your mom looks like my sister to me, oh yeah, she is my sister, Natbug looks like her... just not as good looking, hehehe

Me: psh uncle droll. whatever. i look like a good blend of the best features in both of my parents. therefore i am beautiful and mom is beautiful and we are a beautiful family. except, i don't know what happened to you... :)

Uncle Droll: you're off the dementia medicine again...

Me: you know it. i can't stand that stuff. it steals my creativity...

Uncle Droll: it disturbs my voices from comforting me too...

(Don't look at me like that Mom. He's your brother!)


  1. I hate when my Dementia medication stops the voices in my head...

  2. Well, your family *is* pretty win. That's fo sho.


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