Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm Weird Just Like Everyone Else

I think I am the worst commenter to walk the face of the planet. I mean it, I really am ridiculously horrid at leaving comments on other people's blog posts/pages. And I feel bad about it, I really do. I feel like I deprive all of my precious readers of the benefit of knowing that I actually DO read your posts and like what you have to say, I just don't tell you about it.

Part of that is because I don't know how to word what I want to say. To myself I feel like I sound as though I am some sort of creepy stalker-ish person. Or that I have a story that relates to your story, but if I post said story on your blog then you will think I'm trying to one up you or I am trying to make everything about me.

But this doesn't really make any sense because I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading all of YOUR comments on MY blog. Seriously. I love them. I will go back and read them often. Sometimes I will read comments from a post that I wrote a month ago just because I think the people that left them are super duper sweet.

So then why do I have such a hard time commenting on YOUR blog? My best guess is because I don't actually KNOW you and I'm scared of pushing you away with what may or may not be an appropriate comment.

I even go so far as to type them out, but then instead of pushing post I just close the box and no one is the wiser.

So if you are feeling as though I neglect you, please don't be upset with me as I am an equal opportunity neglector. But I will try to get better at commenting your blogs! I really will try! Promise!

I just have to get over the fact that what I write in comments is just like what everyone else writes in comments. People like getting comments on their posts, don't they? Maybe this is why I don't feel like I have a lot of bloggy friends - you know? Because I haven't really developed any relationships with other bloggers except for the ones I know in real life.

So the first step in developing a relationship is making contact - and this would be the announcement of my attempt at stepping in the right direction.


  1. I am laughing so stinkin' hard . . . You are hilarious!

    Seriously, though - isn't that how we all kinda feel at times?

  2. I feel exactly the same way. I spend more time typing and retyping comments, just to never post them. I'll try harder, too. Stopping by from SITS Saturday Sharefest.

  3. I can relate to you on this one. So feel free to come over and practice leaving comments at my site. I promise I won't bite. :0)

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!! Here's my Sharefest link to my Follow post:

  4. I'm back to say thanks for commenting at my post. You are fast and gutsy!!! I'm now your newest blog follower.


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