Thursday, November 26, 2009

Post Midnight Adventures In The Deathly Fog

I hung out with a bunch of my friends/co-workers from Twinlow - the camp I worked at this summer. We played games and caught up on each others' lives and just had a blast. I almost didn't go because the fog was really, really horrid. But Prince and I braved the weather and made it to the party where we were greeted with long hugs from everyone who was already there.

It was really a truly fun time.

And then it was time to go. So we bid farewell with promises to see each other sooner than next summer and more long hugs. It was after 11:30 and pitch black, and there was still fog everywhere.

But I hopped in the driver's seat and backed my car straight into the fire hydrant. Go me, I know. I told you that I rock - and it's true.

That was my first backing into anything and it scared the living daylights out of me. I thought my heart was going to pound through my chest, but the boys checked it out and told me that it wasn't near as bad as it sounded.

Unfortunately though, it was still dark. And not only was my heart now racing a hundred miles an hour, but I had to deal with this impending doom also known as fog. Yay!

So we head back to town which usually takes about 20 minutes, but because I couldn't see anything I drove a lot slower.

I took a road I'd been down a fair amount, but it was a long, dark road with no lights. Probably not the best choice?

I felt like at any moment there was going to be some half breed hillbilly wearing a mask and holding a chainsaw step out onto the road in front of my car at any moment. Just that thought alone made my heart rate increase.

I was also worried about hitting wild animals, such as deer who seem to get some sick pleasure out of leaping in front of cars on busy roads.

The speed limit was also 50 mph and you know how fast my independent, crazy self went? 35. And I held Prince's hand almost the entire length of the road because I wanted some sort of comfort before I freaked out about the darkness of it all.

I hate fog.

Not only does fog make it impossible to see anything, but I always feel like the road is going to curve and I'm going to miss it and head straight into a tree. Does anyone else feel like that? Because it sure freaks me out. Even when I'm not driving but I'm just riding in the car through the fog I still feel like the road is going to bend without me. Freaky huh?

Anyway, we eventually made it to the lighted highway without so much as a glimpse of a hairy chainsaw carrying overall clad overgrown hillbilly who still lives with his mother and eats small children for breakfast.

And I'm so thankful for making it home safe.

Once we got back into town, in the half hour I spent dropping various people off I spotted six or seven police cars. That was comforting. I mean, usually I spend my time trying to avoid police officers, but the fact that they were out and about made me feel better. Because if I got into any trouble they'd be around to help - you know, they're not always out to get you, haha. But I think sometimes I forget that.

Also I'm thankful that I called my parents to let them know I was leaving and that if I died DP could have my iPod. Okay, so I didn't really tell them if I died my sister could have my stuff, but I thought about it. Mostly I just was letting them know I was out and not feeling all that safe and if I wasn't home soon they should worry.

So now I'm home and I'm laying in bed. I should probably be asleep but I felt the need to write. You know, sometimes you just have to lay down some words before your mind can rest. :)

Anyway, good night/morning/afternoon/whatever you want and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I live along a river and sometimes it's very foggy and hard to drive in.

    P.S. Breakfast at Tiffany's started playing while reading this post. I love that song. :)


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