Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Twilight. New Moon. Eclipse.

What's the point?

I know there are a bajillion and 18 million grown women outrageously obsessed with this 107 year old 17 year old vampire and they go all googly eyed over Robert Pattinson's portrayal of the infamous Edward Cullen.

But what's even more disturbing to me is the amount of these grown ladies who call themselves Christians. How can you follow Christ and read these books about vampires?

The Bible is very clear about drinking blood, sorcery, lust, people taking on the characteristics of animals, etc. So how can you read this and think it's perfectly alright for you to read the Twilight Series and then go to church on Sunday like nothing was the matter?

I'd also like to know what you're teaching your children about it.

Your arguments are all the same. It's just entertainment! What's the big deal? If you just keep it in the right context then it's absolutely fine!

Sorry. No.

Sin can feel good. Sin can actually feel great. And sin can also be VERY subtle. This vampire stuff is sinful. It's not God honoring. Would you recommend the Twilight book to God as a good read? Because I most definitely would NOT.

As Christians we have to monitor the worldly things that come into our life. I've never read Harry Potter, I've never read Twilight (or any vampire books), and I didn't grow up watching My Little Ponies or even Barney.

There are PLENTY of good books about romance that don't involve sex or vampires - why don't you try becoming obsessed with those books instead?

What does a vampire have to offer you?

And people saying that Edward is setting a new standard for today's boyfriends? PAH-lease.

You're saying that a vampire is better than the man God made for you? No thanks. Keep your vampires, but I'm taking a God-honoring, loving caring MAN over a cold skinned non-existent CREATURE that's not only not real, but he's also fictional.

Why are we all flocking to this phenomenon? Have you forgotten where GOD stands on the issue? Have you left HIM out of your decisions about what you let into your life and what you leave out of it?

So before you pick up that Twilight book sitting on your night stand and read it for the 16th time, think about what God has to say on the issue. Do some research about what the Bible says about these things. Don't let yourself become lost in the ways of the world because that road only leads to destruction.

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  1. None of my arguments have anything to do with the fact that it's entertainment.




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