Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So I played a prank on my boyfriend.

I don't typically play a lot of pranks on people. Mainly because I'm not good at them and I can never think of good pranks to pull. Mine are always usually ridiculously lame.

And this one kind of is lame too, but I got a good laugh out of it, and so did LadiesMan and LadiesMan's roommate who I don't yet have a nick name for. Anyway, on with the story.

It started when Prince Charming left his dorm keys at his parents' house in Hayden, roughly two hours away. We pulled in the parking lot after the long drive home and he looks at me and says he doesn't know where his keys are.

I shrug. I thought they were in my room because that's the last place I remember seeing them. He looks relieved, but the relief is short lived because when we arrive in my dorm room they're not there.

LadiesMan had to let him in through his door so Prince could put his stuff away.

And then we got this bright idea to just duct tape the part of the door that sticks out (I don't know what it's called, but you all know what I'm talking about, right?). Anyway, we tape it flat so when the door shuts you just have to push it open.

This worked really great for a couple days while we were waiting on Prince's momma to send her forgetful son his keys. But the tape started to lose its grip, so then the doorknob thingy would stick out just enough that instead of smoothly sliding to open the door you would have to kick it with a little more force.

Well today I got the keys. Prince was at work when I checked my mail for the package. It had to be sent to me because my genius boyfriend has both his dorm room key and mailbox key on the same keyring and wouldn't be able to open his mailbox had the keys been sent to him.

So I'm walking back to his room holding these keys.

And I get an idea.

And my ideas can get pretty dangerous amazing.

Prince works until 8:30 on Tuesday nights and I had a class meeting at 8:00, so I would be gone. I unlocked his door with the key and took the duct tape off of the sticky-outy part. I got LadiesMan and LadiesMan's Roommate in on my novel idea.

You see, I was going to lock Prince's door with the key, and since the tape was no longer there, the door would stay locked. LadiesMan was going to pretend like he wasn't home.

I knew when Prince got home from work he'd try to push the door, but it wouldn't open. And then he would try to kick it, and it still wouldn't open. And then he'd knock on LadiesMan's door, but they would pretend to not be home. Prince would freak for a minute and then they'd let him back in.

And much to my delight, I guess that's exactly what happened.

Too bad I didn't get to watch Prince hmm and haw about how to get into his locked room.

What makes it even better is that Prince told me LadiesMan said I didn't even have the keys. So when I came into Prince's dorm room dangling the keys it was even better than I'd hoped.

So I don't know if that's a very good prank as far as pranks go, but I was giggly about actually pulling it off.

But I want to know what's your best prank you've ever pulled or had pulled on you?

You might give me some good
ideas for the future...


  1. LOL!

    Well, I'm terrible at pranks, but a guy in my class is pretty okay at it, and I have a couple of ideas from him.

    #1: Turn the shower head of someone's shower towards the room. So when they switch the water over to the shower, it sprays them in the face and all over the room.

    #2: Create an email address similar to person A and send an email saying "This is a virus. Your computer's hard drive will melt in ten seconds" or something to person B who knows person A.

    Yeah, not very good at all, but better than what I've come up with on my own!


  2. I dumped a cup of ice water on Lover when he was in the shower once. :D Lame, I know. But I laughed really hard, and it "got" him good!

    I'm a bad prank puller. :(


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