Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's Been One of THOSE Mornings

The Coffee Shop I work at on campus opens at 7:30 in the morning. I work two days a week - Tuesdays and Thursdays. And to be completely honest, I love my job. I really do. I love the customers and the people I work with. But sometimes, just sometimes, work does not love me back.

Like today.

I guess it technically started
last night when I was up later than I should have been, so I was still sleepy when I woke up this morning. I am supposed to be to work at 7:30 and I didn't roll my tired and lazy body out of bed until 7:02.

When I arrived at work, I was still a bit groggy but my attitude picked up as all the awesome people that I love started to show up for their daily allotment of caffeinated beverages.

And then it took a turn for the worse.

I wanted some caffeine to wake up my still foggy brain. My favorite drink is an iced white chocolate blackberry mocha. I usually put three shots in it, four if I'm feeling especially tired. And I like it iced because I work in such a small space and it gets hot behind the counter.

The ice is kept in a cooler by the counter in front of the sink. I put the drink on the counter
sans a lid because of the expected ice input, and much to my dismay when I attempted to replace the lid of the ice cooler, I knocked the drink over on it's side spilling the entire contents on to the counter and floor.

I wanted to cry.

The drink got cleaned up, but it took probably
around an hour to get all of the milk/syrup/caffeine liquid gunk out from all the nooks and crannies it had decided to manifest itself in. We had to mop the floor and the mats on the floor and wipe down the counters and underneath the coffee machine and then dry parts of the floor so we could put the mat back in its place all while serving customers and refilling the drip coffee every ten minutes because that's how fast it gets depleted.

My Lead told me my day could only get better from there.

I hoped it would.

But then the chocolate dispenser needed to be refilled. Normally this job is slightly insignificant and involves pouring the chocolate from the Hershey's container into the pump container. But I had to open a new Hershey's container and that involved scissors.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

Needless to say it involved
an "ouch!" some unnecessary blood and two band-aids. And to make it even more interesting, I got chocolate on my hand, had to wash it off, got the band-aid wet so it wouldn't stay on my finger, grabbed some tape and stuck that sucker on the tip of my finger like it was nobody's business.

And somewhere along the way I managed to keep track of how many customer's drinks I could remember because
we have a lot of regulars that come in everyday. And guess how many I remembered? Guess! It'll amaze you. Well, maybe it'll amaze you.

I remembered
26 of my regular customer's orders. And that's not including some of the people that usually show up but were for some unknown reason conspicuously absent today. So it's really more like 30+ drinks that I know.

I'm kinda proud of that fact. Just, you know, saying.

Hope your Thursdays started off better than mine! But on the bright side in two days
I'm going back to Hayden for a week off of school to celebrate my favorite holiday - also known as Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh man, sounds like a crappy day all together. Hope your finger feels better and surely today is better for you!

  2. I'm thinkin the girls in our fam should have stayed in bed yesterday morning. I got up at 7:02, as well. Seriously. I will attempt to top this post. Be warned. We may need to take a vote later.

  3. done. check it out.


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