Thursday, October 8, 2009

When I look In The Mirror

I see blue eyes.

Blond-ish colored hair.

And skin that is far from the 'perfect' image I see on the television day in and day out.

When I look in the mirror I see a girl with independence and indecision.

I see a 19 year old who wishes she was older, farther along in life.

Someone who has fallen short of the glory of God, but is forgiven none-the-less. By love I don't deserve but am very thankful for.

When I look in the mirror, and I really look at myself, I scowl at all the things that are 'wrong' with me.

All the things I would change about myself.

All the reasons I'm not perfect.

I see the little bit of fat on my stomach that doesn't disappear even if I suck in my gut and stand up tall.

I see traces of acne that I try so hard to ignore and I remember a time in my life when my skin was worse.

I examine my smile that is so much like my father's smile. Same shaped teeth.

I see how my nose is similar to his and The Keeper's nose - except that my nose is pierced.

I see the faint yellow ring around the middle of my eye and I'm proud of it.

The girl staring back at me from the mirror gets called cute more often than not, but she doesn't always agree.

When I look in the mirror I see mostly negative things about myself, when what I should be doing is picking out all the positive things to build myself up.

I'm not all bad, and I don't always see only bad. But it just feels like that's what's normal and seeing the good is the exception. Maybe we blame society for all their false advertisements of what beauty is or should be, and maybe I blame the devil for the negative because I do know one thing's for sure.

The Veggie Tales got it right
God made me special
and He loves me very much.


  1. Great post!

    I love Veggie Tales XD


  2. someday you'll look back and realize you shouldn't have been in such a hurry (I know. I'd roll my eyes at me too). Lovely post!

  3. Just remember that God made you exactly the way he wanted you to be and you are so beautiful and precious to Him and remember that inner beauty is what is lasting and has the most impact on those around you. Loved this post!

  4. This is a wonderful post! I did the same prompt for Mama Kat. :)
    Your *so* right though girl -- just remember those negative things are totally the devil, they're not from God. :)
    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Aww I love this post! I can so relate to everything you said!! Its like you are looking at me in the mirror! haha.

    we are our own worst critics. you ARE beautiful!!

  6. Hey lovey! Just read your post, and I loved it. It's like looking back on myself at 19...three long years ago. :P (And even now, I have that same little bit of fat on my belly...don't worry; no one but you even notices!)

    The days pass so quickly that in three years, you'll be looking back thinking, "Where did the time go?!?"

    You are beautiful. Your writing is genuine and honest. Keep it up! And remember--life doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!


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