Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life In The Fast Lane

Things around here have been...busy. Mostly because unlike my lack of motivation last year, I have actually been doing my homework this year. And there is a ton of it to boot. But it's paying off because I can tell you about the public art in South Africa and I can tell you about Saussure's take on the structure of language as well as relate that back to Foucault's adaptation of that theory to texts - aka intertextuality. Yeah, it's philosophical stuff, and it's also on my brain because I have a test about it on Friday...well, not the South Africa part, but all the Saussure and Foucault stuff.

Also I've been working on a big project in Art 121 which involved creating my own planet complete with an organism, 3D dwelling, environment, history, tools, artwork and a general sense of WHY it all exists. And after I came up with all that crap, I posted in on a piece of foam board so it looked like this:

And then I presented it to the class for a grade. Our next project is a short animated mystery film. Prince is excited. I am not.

The weekend was busy too. Not only was it homework filled with me scrambling to finish my project, but I attended my first Vandals Football game. We played Colorado State for the win and the game was on ESPNU. Yeah, I know. We rock.

The weather's also took a turn for the frozen mornings with slightly warmer afternoons. It's nice, but it's like Idaho decided to go from full-blown-summer mode to freeze-your-butt-off-it's-winter mode. Which I'm not sure how I feel about it exactly, but it's not terrible.

And the kicker! The most amazing part about this week and this post and my boyfriend is that he's now officially 20 years old. Oh Prince, I'm going to have to send you off the nursing home within the month, aren't I?

Here's a picture of my practically geriatric Prince and me at the festivities Saturday night:

Aren't we CUTE?

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