Monday, October 26, 2009

Something Worth Learning

You know how they say C's get degrees? And I'm at college to get a degree in art education. Which means I have to have C's or better to graduate with a degree.

And, come on, we both all know that last year I was lucky when I got C's. *ahem* This semester it's all A's and B's thankyouverymuch. However, I took some *important* classes last year that it would have served me better to achieve the C's instead of the D's.

Like Comm 101.

And everyone's favorite DEATH 143 class that I. LOVED. SO. FREAKING. MUCH.


I have to retake those classes, but fortunately for me I don't have to retake Math 143. I got a D in that class. I got a D in that class when I took it in high school even. I mean, let's face it people, Miss Cinderella is just not a math brain at all.

However, I'm SWAMPED next semester. I only have four classes, but three of them are studio classes and that means two hour blocks. I'll be able to fit the Comm 101 class in, but math is gonna have to wait for the summer so I can juggle the class that makes me want to shoot poor innocent creatures my favorite subject with a full time job.

I'm pretty sure I'll be okay. It's the only class I'd really have to focus on, so that's definitely a plus.

I'm still not exactly thrilled about it though.

Anyway, this just serves as a lesson learned a little too late for me to take advantage of. And that lesson would be this:

Just suck it up and do it already.


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