Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday 5

I decided to steal this from Ms. Lovely at The Ideologies of Melissa because I liked the questions. :)

1. What’s your favorite sports movie?

She's The Man; Bend It Like Beckham, and Stick It!

2. What’s your favorite romantic comedy film?

All of them basically.

3. What’s your favorite animated Disney movie?

101 Dalmations

4. What’s your favorite non-Disney movie musical?

Sound of Music and White Christmas

5. What’s your favorite stranger-in-a-strange-land / fish-out-of-water movie?

13 Going On 30


  1. Oh man. Love so many of those! The Sound of Music with Julie Andrews was Disney though, wasn't it?

  2. I love those movies! Some Fridays the questions are more fun to answer and last Fridays were good ones for me. And I originally stole Friday 5 from someone too, haha..


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