Sunday, September 20, 2009

Out With The Old, In With The New

Dear Fall,

It seems as though you've been a long time in coming this year, and I must admit I'm rather ready for your golden leaves and crisp morning air. I want to dress in longer sleeved shirts and cute jackets paired with blue jeans and cute shoes. I'm tired of hoping today will be the day I can wear my nice new long sleeved shirts with the amazing thumb holes, just to walk outside and find the weather scorching hot.

Please consult with Summer about her long presence. It seems as though she has slightly outstayed her welcome. I want to be able to walk out of the gym at 8 o'clock at night after running three miles and be refreshed by the chilled air, not feel as though I need to sit in front of a fan for a half hour while my body temperature readjusts itself.

Fall, I have to admit that you haven't always been my favorite season. When it was your turn to visit my corner of the world, that meant school would start up and I would have endless hours of homework that I wasn't in the least bit excited for. However, now that school starts in the end of summer, I'm welcoming your entrance with open arms - and it seems as though you keep dodging your yearly duties.

Please, I beg of you, come back to North Idaho. It's time for apple cider and pumpkins. It's time for golden leaves. It's time hay rides and harvest festivals. I want my camo jacket back. I want to walk outside and feel like it's actually school season - not as though summer is still making me in want of some more lake side tanning time.

My tan is starting to fade.

So Fall, I'm going to send this of with a kiss and a hug and a wish that today will be the first of many days where your chilly weather and pretty mountainsides will charm my soul and bring an autumn worthy peace of mind.

Singing With All The Colors Of The Wind,

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