Sunday, September 13, 2009

Block Party!

Okay so if we're just being completely honest, we all know I'm totally anti social and would rather sit in a corner by myself than be in a room full of people that I don't know. Usually when I get invited to go out places, I don't really want to go because I don't know what's in store for myself, and I don't really want to go alone.

However, when my mother texted me that Sunday, September 13 there was going to be a block party on Main Street and that Randy Stonehill would be there, well I decided I should get my butt downtown lest I miss an opportunity of a lifetime. For the record I also went because I knew my parents and siblings would be completely jealous and I wasn't for one second about to pass that up.

Princey decided he would tag along too even though he had no idea who Randy Stonehill is.

We decided that we would make our way towards the Main St. happenings in the evening when the weather cooled off a bit more. We took jackets, but it was still really hot and we ended up walking back to the dorms carrying our hoodies instead of wearing them.

Anyway, we get to Main St. and there's a big bandstand set up with a bunch of people listening to some Randy Stonehill. Princey and I walk up one side of the street and down the other just to see what all the fuss was about. There really wasn't anything extremely cool to see, but I showed Prince Charming where I got my nose pierced. Anyway, when we walk back toward the music, Randy was singing one of my favorites. So I took a quick picture:

and emailed my family with the lyrics to the song. My mom texted back that she was jealous, and my brother texted me that I was a total jerk for flaunting my luck in front of him. Don't be fooled people, he really loves me and texting me that is his weird way of saying that he misses me. ;-)

Anyway, Prince and I did some more walking around while we listened to some awesome tuneage blare down the street and into our eardrums. Not only did Prince and I have an amazing time, we found some spots that we'd like to come back and visit when it's not so late at night.

There's a great little cafe that Prince wants to sit in and draw. I think that's a feasable suggestion. One I might even feel like participating in....not that he would let me sit at home by myself anyway. Ha, ha.

So here are few more pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Randy finishing up a song I only caught some of the lyrics to. Something about lung dad would probably know. ;-)

Then he spoke about the Late Great Larry Norman and 'a genius like Phil Keaggy.' Anyway, I couldn't quite catch all of what he was talking about, but it sounded like a darn good time.

These are pictures of the way the lights from the stage hit the leaves on the trees. I thought it was magnificent (hence the whole two pictures of the same thing deal). After I snapped these Prince and I headed back home because I was hungry and he wanted something sugary. So Jet Tea Land provided us with the sugar and I had a Gyro at the market.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to shower and catch some shut eye...right after I check a few more bloggy treats....ha, ha, ha.

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