Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nearing The End

Huzzah for Wednesday! My math death 143 final is tonight at 7 o'clock. I have work from 1 to 5 this afternoon. I need to study. I need to pick up my paycheck from my boss. I'm sitting in my dorm room listening to Enrique and being amazed at how fast time passes.

In 11 days Prince and I will have been together for 6 months. In two days I'll be done with my first year of college.

My friendship with Belle is on the mend.

I'm starting to pack up my things to move back home.

I turned in my application for a summer job.

Yesterday I had dinner at Applebee's as an end of the year celebratory meal with Belle and Zelda.

Yesterday I fought with my boyfriend. And I think it was one of our very worst. And we don't fight often. Not that we really fight either. More like we're just angry at each other and then I say things that are mean and then he erupts at me. And I fully deserve his erruptions because I egg him on. Why? I'm not entirely sure. But I think I have a solution so it doesn't happen anymore.

But it was one of those nights where neither of us slept very well and when talked this morning it still felt a little awkward.

In two days though, I'll get to see him.

We don't really fight in person. It's only over the computer. Which I think is slightly funny in some weird, morbid way. I suppose that when we're together, if I get upset with him for something, he's right there to make it better. And he can put his arms around me, whereas on the computer physically touching me is slightly impossible.

Anyway, it's nearing 11 o'clock and I need to get studying for math death. I have reintroduce myself to log, ln, imaginary numbers, this weird e thing, powers, long division of polynomials, and other things that make me want to stab myself in the eye with a fork...

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  1. I'm glad things are getting better with Belle!

    Too bad you fought with Prince :( But it's great that you always make up with each other. I really know nothing about this sort of thing, but it seems to me that it's healthy to argue with your significant other once in a while. It seems like it shows that you both know each other very well, good parts and bad parts, and are comfortable with each other. *shrug*

    Ick, I hate math, too. I'm planning on taking the simplest math possible in college.


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