Thursday, May 14, 2009

Everyone's GONE!

It's Thursday. People in my hall are starting to disappear. At first I thought I was losing my marbles and went around asking random strangers if they could see me. And then I realized that people are just done with their finals, so they're packing up and moving out.

And I'm SO TOTALLY ANNOYED RIGHT NOW because someone on 4th floor has a thumping base and it's distracting. And I'm down on third floor, with my door shut and on the other side of the hall and I can STILL hear it. Even with my music on. And what's more annoying is that it's technically quiet hours right now so that people can study and they're still blaring their music. That's just upsetting.

My math final went alright last night. The multiple choice questions were okay, and I feel pretty confident about my answers. But the six questions at the end that were worth five points a piece? Yeah, I'm not so excited about those. And I'm just hoping that I did well enough to pass the class...

My psych final is tomorrow at ten in the morning and then it will be MY turn to blow this popsicle stand. Prince, The Keeper and my parents are coming down tomorrow afternoon to help me move out. I'm so excited to get out of here! I mean, yes I like living away from home and having my freedom - but I long for the warm summer days. For being at the beach in the afternoons. For being closer in proximety to my boyfriend of nearing six months who thinks I'm completely adorable even though I can be a total brat.

Oh, and I sold four of my text books today. And I got 70 dollars for them. 70 dollars and 25 cents actually. So now I just have three text books left but I think I can sell those online. Unless any of you dear readers could use a Math 108 book, a nutrition book or an English book? Any takers? No? I didn't think so ;)

Well anyway, this year is drawing to a quick close. I had my last day of work yesterday. My last final is tomorrow. I'm packing stuff up. My friends are leaving to their respective cities and towns. I sold books. I'm throwing away things I won't need anymore. It's hard to believe that come June 6 I will have been a high school graduate for a whole year. I remember thinking that I would never graduate and I'd just be stuck a kid forever. That dream seemed so distant, and now it's over and done with for a whole year. Crazy.

But now I need to go pick up some paychecks and study for psych. See if I can't pack anything else up. Woo! So exciting :)


  1. This was my first year of high school, and it felt like it went by really quickly, too. Good luck with your final and packing!

  2. Travel safely! You are precious to me and to God:)


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