Friday, May 1, 2009

Fix It Friday 12

So it's Friday, and over at IHeartFaces, they're having their Fix It Friday Photo Contest, and I thought I would participate. It's kind of hit and miss with me on this particular contest. Some weeks I do it, and some weeks I don't. But as it is, I thought this picture was cute - so here are my edits. Nothing too complicated and not sure how much I really honestly like them, but nevertheless I share. Ha, ha.

Have a good weekend all. I'm headed back to the hometown to see Prince-y and hang out with Ariel. :-)

The Original:

Edit 1:

Edit 2:


  1. Who's the little boy? He's a doll! :P I miss my Photoshop software; I had it on my pc, but when I switched over to my macbook, I lost it. :( Sad day.

    I have a new post up...not the one I meant to write, but oh well. I never know what is going to come out of this brain of mine.

  2. Really nice. Like your cropping! Love the sepia tone!

  3. I love how you brightened up his face and have such neat crops. I must also say, I love your blog header. It's really fun!

  4. I like both! I especially like your crop on the first one. Great job dealing with the shadows!

  5. they look great! i am just beginning to learn to edit my photos + was surprised by how much fun i have with it!

    i am stopping by from SITS to say hi!


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