Saturday, March 7, 2009


Oh my goodness! So much has happened this weekend and I feel so bad about promising an awesome Thursday post and here it is Saturday and I haven't even done what I said I was going to do!! I'm SORRY! I promise it's coming, I'm just a little late on the get go.

Anyway, it's late and we're losing an hour sleep tonight because of the time change, but I promise to get that awesome post up ASAP!

So on to why I've been busy, Friday I had to write an anotated bibliography with ten sources that was due by 5 o'clock. I didn't get up till 11:30, I didn't start the bib until 12 ish and I was done a little after 2:30. Yeah, sure. I'm only kind of amazing. :-) And while I was doing my bib I managed to squeeze in a load of laundry and a shower. How do I do it? I don't even think I know myself. And Friday night Prince Charming was here with the fam and we had hamburgers and sat around and talked for a couple hours. Then we made a late night Shopko run where I decided to walk down a few toy aisles to pass the time. Prince Charming had a hold of me, and I went to push him away and turn around all in one swift amazingly epic motion to find out that a large metal pole had decided to jump in my way and smack my mouth. My teeth are still sore...figure that one out.

Then today I went snowboarding with some of my favorite boys at Schweitzer. My two brothers, my father, and Prince Charming all were up at the mountain. The powder was of epic proportions, except the weather was completely ridiculous! Windy and foggy and nasty. It was lightly snowing in the morning and by the afternoon it was just dumping. Prince Charming and I sat in the lodge by the warm fire place after lunch. We were toying with the idea of rejoining my dad and oldest brother, but then Dad called and said the visibility was poor. So we just headed back to the truck and meandered back home. But it was a good time despite the horrible wind and freaky fog.

Oh and I also had one of my better wipeouts going down a run today. I was switching attempting to carve down the side of this mountain, but it was just a little beyond my experience and I was going a little faster than I normally do because I'm trying to get better at this whole idea of keeping my speed up. Anyway, so I'm riding my toe side of my board and I go to flip back to my heel side, but I kind of lose my balance. So in trying to maintain an upright stance, I go for the switch back to my toe side, but then I catch the edge in the powder because I'm just THAT amazing and end up sliding a couple feet down the run on my back. My hat and goggles had detached themselves from the top of my head, but my earbuds somehow managed to stay stuck inside my ears and still blaring lovely country music to my innermost soul. It was indeed beautiful. Prince Charming, my brother, and my father all saw. Woopdidoo for crashes!

After we returned from skiing and much to Prince Charming's dismay, I decided to visit my Grandparents who are watching my aweomely energetic make you play every game and give her every ounce of your attention cousin whom I love dearly. Anywho, I dined with them and kept the little Princess's attention with tickle chases and the world's favorite legos!

So good night/morning/day/evening or just whenever the heck you've decided to read my insanely interesting blog post - oh, don't deny it. I know you all LOVE to see what I have to say, ha ha ha. And I'll get the Bible post up as soon as I can.

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