Friday, March 27, 2009


This post is my 100th post. (yay! celebration!) And through my cyber-wanderings and blog hoppings I've discovered that for the 100th post people do things like 100 things about me, or they just make it a really special post.

To be honest, I don't think I can come up with 100 things about me, and I don't know what to write about to make it a really special post. In fact, when I logged in this morning it was going to be my Fix It Friday post, but then I thought maybe I should do something at least a tad bit more interesting? Not that fixing photos isn't interesting - because I do enjoy that immensly. But it seems like since the first fix it friday I just don't produce the kinds of edits that are interesting. Or I could just be holding myself to too high of standards and just thinking that I'm off base a little. But who knows and I don't feel like delving too deep into that right now.

So maybe I should stick with the 100 things about me? That should be a challenge. Well, I'll tell you what? I'll start it, and if I run out of things then I'll just stop and leave you hanging. :-)

*ahem* Here goes:

1. I am the oldest of four kids.
2. I LOVE sports. Was a gymnast, then a track star, but now I just hit the gym.
3. I miss doing sports. something awful.
4. I hate school. Everyone asks me how college is, and I tell them I like it. But I just like being out of the house. I'm getting tired of classes. I've been at this 13 + years. I graduated from high school and now you people say you want four more? You're CRAZY! But here I am....
5. I didn't know how to do laundry until I moved out of the house.
6. I only have four cousins, three of which I almost never see.
7. I don't believe in sex before marriage. That's one thing I want to be able to give my husband whenever I decide to get married. It means a lot to be able to give the guy you're going to spend the rest of your life with your whole heart.
8. Writing is one of my biggest passions. My oma tells me that I have a gift, even though I think I just write like I talk, but I suppose maybe there is something there...
9. Ever since I got back from break for 2nd Semester, my computer won't hold a wireless internet connection. I have to have it plugged into the ethernet cable all the time.
10. I love being a barista. Plain and simple.
11. I really, really, really, really wish that I didn't just have a simple point and shoot nikon coolpix camera. I really, really, really, really wish that I had a camera like my dads because I like the way his camera captures eyes.
12. Eyes, in my opinion, are the coolest physical feature we have. Everyone's eyes are unique to their face.
13. I'm studying nutrition because I want to help stop obesity in children and teens. 19% of children are obese and 17% of teens are obese. The number of obese adults is way higher than that, but if we can stop it in the kids, then the number will decrease in adults because kids are the future of the world.
14. I'm learning things about myself I didn't know by starting this blog.
15. I only started the blog because my aunt had one and I thought it looked fun. Now I'm totally addicted.
16. I think facebook is more fun than myspace - but I keep both because I have different friends on both.
17. I am enjoying going through the book of James again even though I feel like I'm a little behind because I got a late start and then took a week of for SD.
18. I was actually born in La Mesa, CA, but I moved when I was 2 and don't remember living there. However, when I was in SD visiting with my cousin, she will not let me forget that I'm a native Californian.
19. I want to live in Wyoming more than anything.
20. I took four years of German in high school and then spent 2 weeks backpacking around Southern Germany with my class. I'd give almost anything to go back.
21. Family is important to me and I love going to family get-togethers.
22. Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday because that's when my California family would come up to visit.
23. When I was three I took off down my driveway on my bike. My mom asked me where I was going. I told her that I was going to school.
24. I LOVED elementary school. I liked middle school and 8th grade was my favorite year. But I loathed high school.
25. I love driving. LOVE IT!
26. Stick It! is my favorite movie.
27. My brother and I can have an entire conversation in movie quotes. We have an inate ability to see a movie once and be able to quote almost the entire thing.
28. I'm not picky about my music. I like almost anything and everything and if I don't like it, I'll tell you to change the song.
29. Really the only type of music I can't stand is Screamo. I'm sorry, but that just plain gives me a headache.
30. When I was little I would fill journals with the names and breeds of all the horses, dogs, cows, chickens, etc. that I was going to have on my ranch when I grew up. I would go around in the back yard and feed all these 'invisible' animals for hours.
31. I used to pretend I was Fern from Charlotte's Web. I'd come into the kitchen with an easter egg basket, or an imaginary one, and set it down on the counter and tell my mom I'd brought her the chicken eggs. And then I'd ask 'Where's Papa goin' with that axe?' Yeah, I was a cute kid.
33. When my brother was little he wouldn't talk. All he would say was "unt" and I would know exactly what he wanted.
34. I like to dance, but really all I've ever learned was ballet when I was a gymnast because there is a lot of ballet wrapped inside that sport.
35. I pole vaulted in high school and it was what I looked forward to every year. I think that's really what kept me going - that and German.
36. My sister and I are 7 years apart, but as she gets older, she gets more interesting. Ha, ha.
37. I have soft tissue damage in both of my ankles from gymnastics, but the left one is worse and if I want to do anything slightly athletic I have to tape it for support.
38. The only friend my age that I'm close with who has the same values and beliefs that I do is Prince Charming. Otherwise I'm surrounded by typical college students and am immersed in a world where sex, drinking, smoking and cussing every five seconds is okay. Dad says just to not let these people start making my decisions for me. I told him not to worry.
39. I like to make people laugh. I like going home to see my mom because she laughs at my jokes all the time and tells me that she misses me. I recall several occasions where I've made her laugh so hard she had to put down what she was doing so she wouldn't hurt herself.
40. I think my mom is the smartest woman I know.
41. My dad is turning 50 this year, but he says it's the last year he's celebrating his birthday. As if he would just stop aging... :-)
42. I was born into a Christian home and pretty much all my relatives that I know are saved.
43. I hated taking science courses in high school because our teachers preached Evolution as fact. They're supposed to only teach it as theory, but it has yet to be proven. Darwin even denounced his theory before his death.
44. I like cooking and helping out in the kitchen, but I hate cleaning and doing the dishes.
45. I like riddles. I'm not very good at figuring them out, but I take great interest in them.
46. I'm a horrible speller. Well, okay I can spell most things okay, but I have to look up how to spell words more often than I'd like to admit.
47. When people always types 'then' when they mean 'than' and this bugs me a little bit. There is a difference. Then this happened. I'd rather do that than this. You even type it with the same hand! How hard can it be people!
48. Spelling may not be a strong point, but last semester my English professor told me that I could have taught the grammar part of that course. Thank you Ms. Carlson for doing such a great job when I was in high school. :-) (note: this does not make me an expert. it just means i know more than most incoming college freshman. which is scary, to say the least)
49. Is it just me, or do high school freshmen get shorter and scrawnier each year? I'm pretty short, but those freshmen! It's just ridiculous.
50. I sprinted my freshmen year of HS and I kind of regret giving it up. I ran a 13.3 and I could've gotten faster if I'd just stuck with it.

Half way there people! Should I stop or go on? Well, I might as well go one. Considering you really don't HAVE to read all this anyway. It's really just floating around in cyberspace and you can come back to it at any time. :-)

51. Apparently there are plenty of people out there who don't think they could find Russia on a map. This greatly saddens me. I'll give you a hint people, it's above China, right of Europe, left of Alaska, and it's pretty much the biggest country on the map. If you still can't find it, go play in traffic and let natural selection run its course. I'm kidding! Don't do that. But seriously. Learn your geography for crying out loud.
52. I think I'm pretty average as far as looks and talents. However, I have been told that this is untrue and thus have no idea what to believe.
53. The sooner I graduate from college the better. I want to get out of school, start a life, have a job, get married, make babies. And somewhere in there I want to do an insane amount of traveling the world. Seriously. Can school just be over?
54. I have more friends that are male than female. Thank God that Prince Charming isn't overly jealous. We might be subject to issues if this were the case.
55. Dorm rooms are too small for four girls or four boys. They are the size of prison cells! But a good size for just one girl or two. possibly three if you had to.
56. Whenever I travel somewhere, I always bring my dad back a hat. I bought him one in SD and he was the only person besides myself I bought something for. He smiled and said "I'm still the number one man." And it's true. Sorry Prince, but Daddy loved me first.
57. The boys in my hall like to pick me up, throw me over their shoulder and run. They also think its funny while I'm in said position to open doors with my feet.
58. I like drawing portraits. But my faces always look scrunched because I haven't learned how to space things correctly.
59. Belle and I used to have music wars. I would be on my bed listening to my music, she'd come home from class and start to play her music. I wanted to ask her if she'd ever heard of headphones, because it seemed like I was always the one who had to put them in. I'm thinking, HELLO??? GIVE AND TAKE? But then I'd just suck it up and be annoyed and grab my headphones and feel selfish. When she broke her laptop, I wasn't sorry. Not one little bit. Nor did I miss the stupid thing. I'd rather share my computer with her than have to battle her crazy music.
60. I've just realized there have been several rants so far.
61. I will argue with you for arguments sake. Sir Justice knows this first hand. I am not a lie. The cake is a lie. I can't go from being cake to being pie.
62. I think my mom's apple pie is the best apple pie there ever was, is or is to come.
63. The ONLY thing I miss about high school is track. And of course my friends who are still stuck in that institution which should rightfully be renamed Hell.
64. I ROCK because Guitar Hero told me so. My brother and I like to GH3 it up when I'm home for weekends.
65. Adobe Photoshop 4.0 is the best thing since sliced bread. I don't really post pictures without running them through that program first.
66. I like to take surprise pictures. This consists of me taking my phone's camera, my nikon, or my dad's pentax and snapping a picture of an unsuspecting victim *ahem* person.
67. I get some sick perverse pleasure out of annoying people. I learned that one from my dad.
68. My relatives have all told me they think I was one of the prettiest babies ever. And looking at pictures, I'm inclined to agree. Ha, ha, ha.
69. I have at least 8 pillows on my bed.
70. I used to read all the time. I'd be able to finish a large book in a matter of days. However, I don't seem to have the time for that anymore. Such a shame!
71. I would have LOVED to meet my dad's dad when he was my age. I hear he was quite the rebel and I think that's AWESOME. Ha, ha. My grandma has said that if she'd have met him when he was that age, she probably wouldn't have married him.
72. I've heard that you shouldn't think that your wedding day was the day when you loved your spouse the most. That should just be a starting point and you should love them more everday. I want a love like this.
73. I think too many couples rush into marriage now and then when things they get they rush out of marriage. The divorce rate in this country makes me want to cry. I'm not saying there aren't valid reasons for divorce, but 'irreconcirable differences' just seems like a cop out to me.
74. I think kids are too spoiled these days. They have cell phones and iPods and video games. Does anyone play outside anymore?
75. I also think that spanking is perfectly okay. Bruising your child might not be okay, but a swat on the behind is perfectly acceptable to let them know that they have done something wrong and that there is a consequence for their actions. Simply telling the child that the behavior is unacceptable and then sitting down to read them a book is sending them mixed messages. You aren't supposed to reward bad behavior with positive attention. Then the child will just act out to get attention. If I ruled the world I would burn every parenting book ever written. Ever.
76. My mom has gotten complimented on how awesome her kids are. Because we have DISCIPLINE!
77. Why is it easier to be nice to strangers than to your family members?
78. When given a task, generally I have to repeat it back to you to make sure that I have it right. I always second guess myself and sometimes I'm unsure of what you want me to do. I think it goes along with me not being able to hear all that great and when I'm listening to you, sometimes words run together or I miss a word. Selective hearing perhaps?
79. The 'p' button on my keyboard is giving me trouble. We are in a fight and it refuses to be agreeable and just be easy to push.
80. I'm not as flexible as I used to be. And this saddens me a little bit. Ha, ha.
81. I go through phases where I won't eat anything and then phases where I feel like I eat a lot. This coming from the nutrition major...
82. I doodle when I take notes because it helps me focus. Actually it's just because I'm bored, but I blame it on the being able to focus because then it's a valid reason. Kidding! Kinda...
83. I LOVE sunny days. It doesn't really even have to be that warm, but when the sun is shining it's just nice. It raises my spirits.
84. I also love a good thunder storm. Sitting and listening to the rain pouring down outside, the loud crash of the thunder overhead so that it makes you think the roof is going to fall, and the bright lightning to make you think for a moment that it was actually daylight outside only to be plunged back into darkness.
85. I like when the power goes out at night and you have to light rooms with candles. I feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder and I LOVE it!
86. I get upset at stupid things. Like when Prince Charming and I are talking on IM and then all of a sudden he says that he's going to leave. I feel indignant, I suppose that is the right word? I don't know. I like knowing that hey, in 15 minutes he has somewhere else to be. Not BOOM! I'm gone. He hates when I do that to him also. And when I get blamed for not doing something as much as someone else. Like when I lived with Belle and she claimed that she always did the dishes. But that's so completely untrue that it's not even funny. We both did the dishes. She just remembers all the times she does the dishes and forgets about when I do them and thus complains that I never helped out. Which is one of the big reasons I moved.
87. I have communication issues. I would rather put up with someone's inconsiderate behavior than tell them to knock it off. This is one of the biggest Belle/Cinderella issues of all. I also have an insane fear of calling people. I hate using the telephone, although admittedly in my old age I am having to use it more. So perhaps I have adjusted slightly, but it's not my favorite thing. I would much rather email you or see you face to face than call you on the telephone.
88. When my family goes tubing on the lake, it's a huge game to see who can get thrown off the tube fastest. This is not the goal of the competition. You are supposed to stay on the longest, but among the passengers in the boat and my dad's boat driving skills, he TRIES to throw us off the tube. It's hilarious and awesome. And it makes my summers completely worth while.
89. I think showering is a huge inconvenience. It's necessary so that you don't stink up every room you walk into, but it's time out of my day that I feel like I could use doing more productive things. Like sleeping....
90. The number 16 is my favorite number. Going through school that was the number my teachers had assigned to my name for at least three years in a row.
91. I hate being poked or licked.
92. If I ever end up having kids, I want all boys. And I want to name the first one Gabriel.
93. Dogs are my favorite pets. Golden retrievers and Great Danes are where it's at! You can keep your little yappy dogs (they need SOMEone to love them), but I like the big ones. And I have always thought that Garbanzo is a fitting name for a dog. Then I can nickname it Bonzo. :-)
94. When my youngest brother and sister were little I would have to baby sit them. They are pretty close, but sometimes they would fight like all good siblings do. To remedy their bad moods, I would put them on chairs so they had to look at each other and then I would have them make silly faces at one another. This worked great.
95. I miss having a fireplace.
96. I hate it when you're hanging out with a friend and they're on the their phone the entire time. Or when you're having an important conversation with someone and their cell phone rings so without missing a beat they just answer it and you're left hanging in the balance.
97. I like driving barefoot. Late at night. In the summer. With the windows rolled down and music blaring.
98. I dance in my dorm room in my underwear to loud music. I make sure the door is locked first and the window curtains are shut - tight. Ha, ha.
99. I enjoy teasing people to no end.
100. I hear from a lot of people that they think this is the end times and that the rapture will come in the next few years. But I've also heard my mother say that ever since Jesus went back up to heaven after he was cruicified that the disciples thought that it was the end times. No one really knows when Jesus is coming back, but I intend to live my life to the fullest.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is 100 things about me. :-)


  1. #15 is my favorite, of course. :)
    And I had no idea that we had #87 in common! We must talk about that sometime. In person.

    You're awesome. And I did, in fact, read it all the way through the first time. :)

  2. Wow 100 things is a lot, lol. Sometimes my husband and I quote movies or tv shows to each other, it's great. And as for #38, if your beliefs and values don't line up with most college students, that's ok, because no one but you should be making your decisions. I have different beliefs than some people, my beliefs differ somewhat from yours, but in the end, it's all ok. We're here together for who knows how long so let's just enjoy each others company. :) Oo I am so profound sometimes. :P


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