Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Those Of Us Who Pretend To Know Everything Annoy Those Of Us That Actually Do

We all have seen them. We've all been annoyed by them. Each of us has spent time rolling our eyes at their ridiculousness. The Know-It-Alls. The kids that are in every one of your classes that act out just to get the teachers attention. The ones that have to have an answer or an opinion on EVERYTHING. We've all experienced this, don't lie to yourself. Even when you are older, in your job there will always be people that you don't like.

In my English 102 class there is a little red headed girl with black rimmed glasses and big boobs who's mouth is open for every subject. She always has something to say, and mostly I find myself annoyed with every word out of her mouth. At the beginning of semester I thought she was quirky and interesting and somewhere along the way those feelings disappeared and were replaced with annoyance and intolerance. Her mouth opens and my ears shut.

In my CORE class there is one boy who I simply cannont stand. He is the same way, always opinionated and always asking dumb questions and trying to show that he knows a lot about the subject we are talking about - or at least just more than the rest of the class. He's the same way in my Psych class! Always asking questions and referring back to prior issues. Some may call him smart. Some may praise him for asking 'good' questions. I just think he is a stuck up snob and if I never had a class with him again I wouldn't mind.

I don't know where I was going with this post, other than to express my negative feelings towards these people who think they know everything and that makes them better than the rest of us, but there you have it.

And congrats to the blog on it's 50th post! Woohoo!

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