Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Teenage Mutant Ninja Girls

So yesterday me and the roommates went to Winco and then to Hastings. It's the first time all four of us have gone somewhere together that wasn't Bob's to eat in a while, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. While we were at Hastings, we found these AWESOME teenage mutant ninja turtles beenies. Think about it - four teenage mutant ninja turtles and four of us....are you seeing the correlation? So then we had to decide who was who.

K is obviously Raphael. Raphael is the bad boy, which is very much my dear friend and roommate K. She's the 'bad boy' of our group and is sarcastic and instense just like Raphael.

A is like Michelangelo in my opinion. Michelangelo is easy going and so is A. Plus, A's middle name is Michael, so that just fits.

B is Donatello. She's smart and uses her brains instead of her brawn, although she does fight when she has to and she's not scared to throw a few punches.

And me, well, I'm Leonardo. He's the leader and even though I'm the youngest, sometimes I feel like the one in charge. Plus he has a pair of katanas, which are just cool.

I totally would have bought the beenie except that it was $12 and I didn't feel like spending that much money. I'm a broke college student, cut me some slack! But the beenies did look awesome, and how sweet would that be? Four roommates with their own TMNT hats!


  1. And you didn't have a camera with you?????

  2. sorry! lol. i left the camera in the dorm room! :-)


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