Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reinvention and Ramblings

Alright so here's the deal - I'm redistributing the code names I use for people. I'm tired of using initials for all my friends and loved ones because so many of us have the same initials and that just plain gets confusing.

I'm calling M Prince Charming. Why? Because I can.

I'm calling K Belle because that's her favorite princess.

I'm calling B Zelda because that's her favorite video game.

I'm calling A Sleeping Beauty because out of all of us, she sleeps the most.

And that makes me Cinderella because she is my favorite princess and always has been.

Now, on to bigger and more important things. Well okay, so I really have nothing super big and entirely important to report other I feel like the Damsel in distress stuck here in this ancient castle guarded by a large dragon while my Prince is off galavanting elsewhere in *ahem* Hawaii. Okay, so I really need to stop beating a dead horse with this Hawaii bit, but seriously. I can not WAIT for Monday so that Prince Charming is back in the same state as me and will communicate with me via the interwebs.

As of right now, I'm also extremely lonely because Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Zelda have left me for the Jazz Fest celebrations going on down at the SUB...or are they at the dome? I don't remember. But I was excited to have the dorm to myself to do with what I please, so sitting here by myself isn't all that bad. Just makes me wish for Prince Charming more than ever.

So I'm sitting here, watching the tele. The channel is turned to Animal Planet and there's a ton of shows about Grizzlies and bear attacks. They pretty much all say the same thing, just present it in different ways. There's really nothing you can do to deterr a bear once it's decided to kill you. And it usually goes for your face/head/neck because they view your mouth as sort of a weapon (ha ha ha). But nevertheless, people end up surviving. One guy got his face torn off and the last thing he remembers is that the bear's eyes were yellow. Yellow eyes. How horrid for a last sighted memory to be. But overall it's interesting and informative and much more attention capturing than those horrid reality TV shows that Belle insists on watching day in and day out.

Okay, so she doesn't watch them day in and day out - mostly just day out because day in we are watching Jon and Kate plus 8 and What Not To Wear. Yes, we are aware that we are the coolest college students on the face of the Earth. Ever. We also like to watch A Baby Story and Bringing Home Baby. It brings out the maternal side of us because us becoming mothers shouldn't happen for a long, long time.

Holy Crap! Okay, so I'm never tent camping in bear country - ever. A curious bear will trample the tent with two paws, drag the whole thing off into the woods - humans inside and all. Then they drag the human out of the tent and explore what you are. They also eat you while your alive instead of just killing you right away. Yikes. Sorry for the graphic information spill, but this show is just shocking!

Alright, well I feel that I've certainly shocked you all enough for one day, so I'm off. My quote for today? I may not know everything, but I know just enough to be dangerous. :-)

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  1. Oh, you're dandergous, all right. Bear shows . . .

    (But, Cinderella is, far and above, the best Princess ever.)


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