Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lessons Worth Learning

Being Thankful.

I'm Thankful for::

Jesus being the savior of my life!
without him I am nothing

My Parents!
they raised me right

the boy who has my heart and will keep it safe no matter what

The sun in the sky!
it brightens my day and tans my skin

K, B and A and all my friends in Hayden. without you all, i would be lost.

Holding my dad's hand!
he keeps me safe and he's always there for me

My Oma!
the gift of writing is a common bond, i'm glad you're my soul mate

Miles and Brenda!
two very influencial people in my life and faith in Christ

Hugging my mother!
she's a soft place to land when the world is too hard for my fragile state of crazy

Personal space!
i like people, but i don't like them that much

The future!
it's always there - a ray of hope when the present looks dim

The past!
the memories are fond, the family is good and it helps shape me for the future

breaking the mold and being 'on my own' helps me ready myself for the day when i can no longer fall back on my parents for everything

so i can see the world around me in its beautiful colors

so i can hear the sweet voices of those who care about me

they're healthy. they're reassuring. they're always welcome.

sharing a meal with family and friends - it shows that it helps your state of mind and the bond you share with other people

seeing other parts of the world makes me love this Earth that God created for us

because sometimes you just have to smile at the absurdity of how crazy your life is

what better way to remember, than to be visually stimulated?

it alows people to express how they feel about everything

pleasing the ears and relaxing to the mind. unless its loud and screaming - then you're just angry

when a simple hug just doesn't cut it

the cliche says they are man's best friend. but i just think they're cute.

because their minds are simple and uncomplicated when we get too wrapped up in the bigger issues of life

without it, i wouldn't be here

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