Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good Saturdays

Okay! So, best part of my day so far is finding out that one of my photos took 7th place on the I Heart Faces blog for week 5!! Go here to see the other winners:

Also I went skiing today with my dad and my brother. We were up at Schweitzer, which isn't my favorite mountain, but the boys like it. Anyway, I was doing okay, but I'm far slower than my male counterparts and thus I was left in the powder plenty of times today. Nevertheless I still had a good time.

By lunch time I was finished boarding for the day, so my dad and brother went back out to make a few more runs before we decided to head back. Well, I guess my dad decided to try and follow my brother through the trees. J had no idea that Dad was back there and took some tricky turns through the tree cover. (Oh my gosh, can you say alliteration?) Anyway, Dad gave up trying to follow J and made his own pattern. But that involved grabbing a tree to slow himself down for a corner. He made the corner, but shortly thereafter something misfired and he slammed against a tree in the rib area. I don't know the whole story, but it involves him laying on the ground, head downhill on his side. How very entertaining.

I also snapped a picture of J sleeping on the ride home. But according to him, "I don't sleep on the ride home. I simply blink and half the trip is over." But we all know he was out like a light! (Okay, okay, so that's a little cliche, but you get the meaning.)

Anyway, I hope you all are having an awesome Valentine's Day, even though I think it's the most worthless commercial holiday on record. :-)

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