Sunday, January 25, 2009

Visiting The Past

Oh Sundays. I love going to church with my boy. What I don't love about Sundays is leaving him and coming back to Moscow. But school comes first because I'm paying for this education - it isn't free. Ha, ha.

But I didn't get to take any new pictures today, though I did think that the little bird prints in the freshly fallen snow would have made a sweet photograph. I just didn't get out there with my camera before it was dark.

I stumbled across these pictures on my laptop. I got them off of a CD a while ago and today when I was looking for pictures on my blog I thought they would make for an interesting post. They are all older pictures - me when I was younger. And they brought back some awesome memories.

Fishing. I have been fishing since I was big enough to hold a pole, aka about 2 years old. I didn't always like fishing, but I do enjoy a good fight. And the best camping dinner is a fresh rainbow trout cooked over an open flame with a little bit of mustard smeared on the inside. Okay, okay, so it doesn't sound like it tastes the greatest, but believe me. It's awesome.

Riding Horses. A passion. Always has been. Westport, WA. I love the smell, I love the experience. I love being in the saddle. I love the freedom that you feel when you are riding on the beach, when you are riding through the woods, and just what you feel when you are sitting on top a horse. The air smells different. The world feels right. I love it!

Goofiness. I have it. I've always had it. I think it comes with being in my family. In fact, I'm pretty sure we ALL have it.

One of my favorite places. The house on James Crowe Dr. I grew up there. It's my home. I miss it.

The backyard. The happening spot in the neighborhood. My thirteenth birthday party? I think. Or my 12th - I don't really remember. The girl on the right, if you don't recognize her is my lovely roommate K and my partner in crime. We have been friends for a long, long time.

Gymnastics. My favorite sport ever. Sure, pole vaulting in high school was fun too, but this will forever remain my favorite. When I was six I wanted to go to the Olympics. This picture was taken in the Memorial Gym which is actually on my campus at school. I was 12 in this picture I think. How funny that I competed here before I actually attended the school.

Arabesque. My favorite pose on the beam. This meet was an over nighter and I slept on a big squishy mat. One of the best places I've ever slept. Too bad those mats cost hundreds of dollars or I'd totally buy one to sleep on every night. :-)

Bars. This picture was also taken in Memorial Gym. I once scored a 9.9 on bars. The best score I've ever recieved. I was so excited and so were my teammates. We'd thought for sure I'd nailed the first place spot. And then I was beat out by a perfect 10.0. What a joke! Ha, ha. The gymnastics way of scoring has always been controversial. I'm not sure why. The judges I guess just don't realize the skill and strength required to do the moves. But that's part of the reason that I left the sport in the first place. Boy, do I miss my gym days. Ha, ha.

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