Sunday, January 18, 2009

Boredom Leads To Creativity

So today I am just sitting in my room by myself, listening to my music and minding my own business. K is in Walla Walla with her boyfriend until Monday, which I guess is tomorrow. It's nice to have the room to myself. It's not really lonely here though because there are plenty of friends who live on my floor and B and A are both still here with me. But holeing myself up in my room can still get a little boring.

While I'm just sitting at my computer avoiding writing my 900 word rough draft of my Essay #1 for English 102 an idea hits me! Why don't I draw? I haven't drawn in a while. So I grab my sketchbook out of the cupboard and flop it on my lap. Now the question is what do I want to draw? Well, I am taking a dance class - it's not a technique class though, sadly. But I decide that I want to draw dancers.

The drawing below is my pencil sketch. You can make up your own story for the picture. I'm thinking something like the ballerina really wants to break her classical mold and become a hip hop queen, but who really knows? Only the ballerina can tell her own story.

Well, I finish my pencil sketch and I'm staring at my sketchbook not really wanting to break out the awesome water color pencils that my Oma bought me a couple years ago. And then I get the idea to photoshop it. So I break out the digital camera and upload the picture into my computer.

Below is the final version of my sketch after I photoshopped it. I think it turned out great, but still a little amature-ish-tic. Ha, ha. But I am my own worst critic and so there are obviously things about it that I don't like, but there are plenty of things that I do like. So we'll see what happens. I may turn more sketches into photoshopped "works of art." :-)

Random Fact: Beijing boasts the world's largest Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaraunt.


  1. Yum. KFC. How'd you find that out?
    As for Photoshopping, not bad. I've still yet to use it.:o

  2. Very cool. So the small fortune I just spent on 110# paper and prismacolor pencils for Makenzie's art lessons wasn't really necessary, huh? :-) I'm actually excited to be doing art along with her in homeschool. We loved last year's lessons, but they didn't fully stick. We're starting a new curriculum tomorrow. And now I'm writing a post instead of a comment . . . It's good to see you drawing again - you should do it more often.


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