Wednesday, June 17, 2015


i think it's been a good long time since we had ourselves a real down home update as to what i've been up to lately. i think i quit writing these play-by-play posts quite a while ago. i just sort of sat in front of the computer and went all "who the frick cares anyway what i ate for lunch? i sure don't." and that was sort of that.

which today, i ate four bites of nathan's san fransisco sourdough sandwich for lunch. so.

a couple of days ago i went and colored my hair purple. because why the hell not and things. i keep forgetting that my hair is not a normal color until the wind blows it in my face and i'm seeing purple streaks and then my heart gets all happy because hello! purple hair!

in more of natalie's favorite things, i bought myself some peonies at the store. lately peonies have been my very absolute favorite of the flowers. i don't know, guys. they're pretty. and pink. and i can't hold myself back. i blame summertime and my hair.

this summer though, is almost maybe completely different from any summer i've had in the past? no summer job. no ending of school or waiting to go back. it's weird and normal at the same time. i wish for all the world that i could take summers off, so i could lay by the beach in my swimsuit all day. but as an alternative, the juice bar is pretty good too.

it's nice to get off my shift in the early afternoon and have the rest of the day to live it up in the sunshine. plus, nathan bought us longboards that get here on friday and i just can't wait for that. this summer is turning out to be pretty rad. 2015 has been alright by me so far.


aaaaaaaand fin. happy june, bloggers.

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