Thursday, March 20, 2014


Umm, happy first day of spring?

What is it about March that has turned me into a terrible blogger? Maybe that is a rhetorical question. It's probably the fact that I haven't really been doing anything of note except just living my life like normal. I wake up, go to school, yell at kids, make some art, warp some values, yell some more, hug some kids, and then go home where I watch Netflix and run on the treadmill. Usually.

But I think I have tendinitis in my left foot. It's just terribly awesome, is what. Walking is a chore and forget going up and down stairs. This is really a blatantly wonderful thing to have happen to a person and everyone should definitely experience it. I probably should be using a wheelchair or crutches or something, but I am a champion? So. Slow limp walking through the masses of students in the hallways it is! What fun!

Where was I going with this post? I don't even remember, other than I looked at the last time I posted and the last thing I posted and said to myself, "holy buckets, may-happs we should write a new thing or two." And so, here we are. Aren't you glad? (Also, umm..may-happs? I think I used to say that in like middle school. My excuse is 'throw back thursday' and you can't argue with throw back thursday.)

In other news, I painted a mug with an octopus on it last week. I think it was last week. All my days just run together. Hashtag teacher life. But I named him Henry and he's a lot more decisive than I am. He tends to help me with big life problems like whether I should drink more coffee or not. He usually says yes to more coffee. Shocker. (He's a caffeine addict, but don't tell him I said that.)

Alright, well I feel like this has been a thoroughly enjoyable post. A nonsense transmission of sorts. Did I manage to fill your quota of silly for the week? Because I suppose looking back on it now, that was my goal all along.

Success. And Happiest First Day of Spring. I hope you go ride your bike or plant something outside. I mean, the sun is shining!


  1. I say "Mayhaps" all the time... hahaa

  2. Get a golf ball, roll the arch of your foot with it and then grab your toes and pull them to you before you get out of bed each morning and as often the rest of the day as you need. I promise, it helps, a lot. This has been a message from your friendly brother who likes to pretend he has some medical training ;) but no really. it will do wonders if you do it consistently :D


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