Monday, December 23, 2013


Or as I would say to my sister, hoch fünf.

Today has been the busiest so far and I am just soaking in this productive feeling. Mostly because I don't feel productive a lot. Mostly because I spend all day yelling at teenagers and come home exhausted so I watch Netflix and drink some wine instead of cleaning my apartment. Oh well.

But now we are off for two whole weeks!! Celebrations! Neon flashing stars! Family and ski trips! High fives all around!

I started off this vacation this morning with a visit to the doctor's office for a "wellness check" so that I don't have to pay 40 dollars for insurance come January. They pricked my arm and stole some of my blood and then told me that I passed the checkup with 100% and my cholesterol is just perfect. (Like I was worried, right?)

Also, while the doctor was checking my blood pressure as I was sitting on the exam table he very nonchalantly asked me what grade I was in this year. Ahem.

I tried very hard not to move too much as I stifled my laughter and told him I was a teacher. But see, I only put on foundation this morning and I was clad in jeans and a tee, so really, can we blame him for thinking I was still in high school? Shoot.

And then I brought my mom some coffee and we submitted my completed form via fax before I came back to my apartment and went on a cleaning frenzy.

I don't know about you, but I clean a little of everything all at once. I started in my bedroom and put the clean clothes away and loaded the dirty ones in the washer and then because I was out in the hallway, I decided to sweep the kitchen floor. So before I could do that I had to unload the dishwasher and then I might as well just reload it, too. I had to go into the living room to get the extra dishes that needed to be washed and then I just ended up picking up all the trash while I was out there too.

Do you see how this is working?

Eventually I get everything clean, but it's just kind of here and there and everywhere. So now it's 1:30 and I've sanitized, vacuumed, organized, folded laundry, swept, wiped down, and put away all of the rooms in my apartment. Enter extreme sense of accomplishment.

Now it's time to get down to business. Finish my dad's Christmas present, eat some lunch and then maybe do some yoga while I watch Netflix. I live a life of reckless abandon. I know.

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