Thursday, January 3, 2013

well, here we are 2013

Well guys, we defied all expectations and made it into 2013 without all the fireballs and thousand degree temperatures those pesky Mayans promised us. And since we narrowly escaped death, ringing in the new year wasn't near as dramatic as I had hoped it would be. TheSeester, TheMechanic, Mom and I stayed up until midnight and clinked glasses of sparkling apple cider once the ball dropped and it was bed time.

We are an exciting bunch, I tell you what.

And now, pictures. Pictures ad nauseam.

My little Lottie girl. 

Night skiing on the last day of 2012!! 

These dogs. They are the awesomest.

 TheMechanic had himself a birthday while we were in Seattle, so we had a little family celebration once we were back home. TheSeester baked his cake and made the frosting and then I decorated it. That lucky kid.

And this boy comes home tomorrow. It has been three weeks. That is just plain too long. I miss him.

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  1. Puppies and skiing... pretty sure it can't get any better than that in starting off a new year =)


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