Monday, June 4, 2012

where has the time gone?

Dudes, it is June already! When did this happen? Where was I? How in the great sam heck did it get to be the 6th month of 2012?? And also, I just realized that I wrote the wrong month on my rent check. I hope they don't mind... I mean, there's really nothing I can do about it now seeing as how I already turned it in.

But as it is, June is going to be full of adventure! Full! And quite possibly the saddest month of my Moscow experience. Moving away! I can't even talk about it. Tears. So many tears. And I wonder how many times I will come back and visit. I don't even want to think about it. I always change the subject when it comes up.

Especially because it means leaving these people:

I don't know how to say goodbye to them. Or a plethora of other people not photographed but also very important. I don't know how to deal with the incredible change that is about to take place. I honestly I have no idea how to do it. I've never felt this way before about moving away from somewhere. I've never had to go through this and if we're being honest, it kind of freaks me out.

Life is one giant adventure after another for me. And I know that there will be an abundance of opportunities for my life to alter and grow, but right now I want to hold on tight and ride out the epic story line that is happening to me right this very minute with these people who are important to me today. What happens in the future is a mystery, and that's part of why it's so scary. I just hate feeling like I have to leave all of this behind in order to move forward.

Maybe that's not really the case, but that's how it feels right now.

I'd rather be out enjoying the sunshine and taking a break from worrying about everything in my life than student teaching in the fall and graduating in December. I'm just not ready for that. I'm just not. There's too much going on right now to just up and walk away. Observe:

I am having an incredible case of anxiety towards all things end of June related. It's getting intense. I need to think about something else.


  1. All of life is an adventure. You will discover that as you move through the future. Change is constant. When things changed without our permission, gramps and I used to tell one another, "It's an adventure." Those few words always changed our outlook on things. Sounds simple, I know. But it worked. Love you.

  2. My sentiments exactly! Except some of my photos might be different. :) I love you and no matter where we are, we'll always be close. :)


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