Wednesday, May 23, 2012

not much of anything, really

Today the sky is the greyest of the greys, folks. I thought this was supposed to be warmer weather? Tricks, mother nature. Cruel tricks. But on the flip side, the clouds! They are mighty spectacular these days.


Days like this are ones that should be best spent curled up on the couch next to someone lovely obsessing over ridiculous(ly awesome) television series and drinking tea. Or hot chocolate. Whatever floats your metaphorical boat. Maybe throw in some deep conversations about life as well. And silly faces - definitely silly faces. Why, you ask? Because those are the best ones, of course!

Silliness is something I will only show you once I feel like you will not unfairly judge my maturity level. Act your age and not your shoe size, they say! But it is much more fun to be 6 than it is to be 21 sometimes. Although being 21 does have its advantages, let's be honest. I do what I want.

Yesterday I colored my hair. Again.

I know!

But the red? It was just time.

See? Much better. Don't you agree? Dark is more my style - even though I have to admit that I got more compliments from strangers on my red hair than any other color I've ever had it. I'm not sure if maybe that's because they felt like they couldn't tell me that they hated it? It's okay, I can take it. Now I can wear pink shirts again and not be self conscious of whether or not I clash.

It's a big deal! To clash with one's shirt! It has the potential to be a whole day ruiner! Imagine! Okay, so I'm being overly dramatic. Remember? I do what I want.

And on a completely unrelated to anything else is this blog note: look for my first post on Once A Week Vegan on Friday! I'm stoked to share that part of my life with you guys!

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