Monday, February 20, 2012

home life

The Keeper brought home two of his friends from school and we initiated them into the family in true Idaho style. I didn't get home until Sunday though, so I was at the house by myself for a bit until they all came home from church and when the newbs saw me for the first time, one of them said "She's a lot shorter in person."

Well, it's nice to meet you too.

And then it became overwhelmingly apparent that I am most definitely The Keeper's sister. But well that happens when you are able to carry on a conversation consisting solely of movie quotes. Boom. Shortly thereafter we left to have amazing mountain adventures while strapped to a pair of skis. We explored freshly fallen snow, black diamonds and I skied through the deepest powder of my life like a champ.

I rode the lift with my dad, which is probably one of my favorite things to do. It gives us the opportunity to talk, just the two of us, uninterrupted. There are plenty of things we talk about, one of them being how awesome my siblings are turning out to be.

Take The Mechanic, for instance. He is so much like my dad it's insane. The way he forms sentences and conveys ideas, right down to how he dresses and the way he talks. But my sister is really the one who seems to be growing into her own little person.

I mean, she has opinions! About things! And stuff! I used to picture her as perpetually seven years old and then eventually she was eleven, but now she's going to be 15 this year and I just have a little trouble wrapping my brain around that. Wasn't she just in elementary school yesterday?

Right? No? Dang. But I thought for sure?

Except that she went through this phase of her life where she was really moody and we all kind of wanted to murder her, but then we didn't and eventually she got over herself and now we all like her again. Plus, she is super nerdy - which I find to be completely awesome and totally my favorite.

On top of all that, isn't she gorgeous?

Right? I just love her. Like, really.

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  1. OMGOSH, I know exactly what you mean about your sister. Mine has perpetually been at the age of 10 in my mind, and then it hit me the other day, she's graduating high school in a couple of months! Where did the time go?!


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