Monday, July 4, 2011

Merry 4thmass

I finally have a bedroom, guys. Seriously. I even have a bed! Know what that means? No more couch surfing for this girl, that's right. I've been rearranging and putting things away and reorganizing my bookshelves since my parents delivered my furniture last Saturday.

Unfortunately though, I have no pictures to show you yet, and as I'm currently sitting at PC's house watching him play the new Uncharted 3 Mulitplayer Beta (which he is incessantly upset with, extremely) it doesn't really look like I can get you those pictures right now anyway. So you'll just have to live in good faith that I'll post them soon.

Being that it is the fourth of July today, I plan on making hamburgers for dinner and digesting copious amounts of ruffles potato chips with spicy ranch dip and drinking fruit smoothies until you have to roll me home. Because really? What's a holiday about if you don't celebrate with delicious food? That's what I thought.

As for the fireworks? I hope we can see them from the balcony tonight, because it's not the fourth of July if you don't light up the sky.

Happy Independence Day, bloggies. Let freedom ring.

1 comment:

  1. lol! Glad you finally got a bed Natalie. That's kind of a necessity. =D


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