Friday, May 27, 2011

hello? is this thing on?

I have been a really bad blogger lately. I haven't been posting all that much or commenting as much as I used to. I've been up on my reading though, just you know, lazy bones this one. I'm not really sure as to why, other than I got a little overwhelmed with the end of last semester and things with Princey have been rocky at best.

Most of the time we get along alright, but I have called my mom a couple times in a crying frenzy over something stupid that transpired between the two of us. I keep hoping that things will mend themselves, you know? But really only time will tell. I try to tell myself to take it one day at a time. Either we'll end up together or we won't and no amount of pining or worrying or crying is going to make a difference. Things have been nice lately, and I'm hoping they will stay that way.

So on to brighter and happier things shall we? Oh good.

Now that the semester is over, I'm only taking one class. That means more time for stuff I actually like doing. Like blogging. I promise to be a better blogger. Maybe even post pictures of things that aren't artwork! Can you imagine? It's been a while, I know.

And in addition to promising to get back into the blogging swing, I've discovered that I'm a dab hand in the kitchen, wouldn't you know? I can cook things like hamburgers and spaghetti and tacos. I can make awesome chocolate chip pancakes and fry an egg with the best of them. And my spicy cayenne ranch dip is to die for. And it is spicy, lemme tell you.

Have you been to Applebee's? Poor Moscow, really it's one of the nicest restaurants in town. Definitely on the higher end of the spectrum here in this tiny little podunk place in the middle of nowhere. But I do like their food, especially the Bourbon Street Steak. Please, if you haven't eaten that delectable morsel of meaty goodness you need to go right now. RIGHT NOW!

I am getting way off topic.

I bring up Applee's to you because of this dessert that they have. And let us just agree that chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream drenched in chocolate syrup might just be the best invention ever next to my mother's award winning apple pie (seriously, it's super delicious and I will never be able to top it).

So anyway, I had a craving tonight for delicious vanilla ice cream soaked chocolate chip cookies but I really didn't want to waste precious pennies on something I could make myself. And I did. Because I can be domestic and stuff sometimes. Actually, I really like playing house, but don't tell anyone okay? Okay.

Tell me please, what have you been up to lately? Let's get reacquainted. I feel like we barely know each other anymore!


  1. Hey! Glad you're back for a bit. :) Are you going to be going away to summer camp again this year?

  2. i'm not going back to camp this summer. mostly because the pay was terrible and even though it looks good on a resume, i just can't afford to.

    and yes, you totally get points for being a follower from the beginning :)

  3. Well, I'm Stephanie and I like to be wildly myself on Blogger XD I love to write and I'm going to Europe this year. I also enjoy living, loving, laughing and learning...

    *not-subtle hint*

    You may already know me better than you think ;)


  4. Yea! You're back! Hope all is well with you =D I haven't been to Applebee's in a couple of years. I feel like I should go sometime soon now...

  5. I used to LOVE Applebees. Whenever my friedns and I went shopping in New Hampshire we would eat there.
    But then they stopped selling my favorite dessert: the apple crisp. So angry. I can't forgive them.


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