Friday, March 11, 2011

Pictures! Life! Coffee Drunkenness!

Here is my life lately - a story told through mostly pictures...and I guess some words are thrown around in there too.

Yes, I am one. I need this sign. Since I met Prince Charming, he's introduced me to lots of new things - Zombies being one of them - and now, well, I like them. I play Plants vs. Zombies on my phone a lot. The cartoony zombies are my favorite kind. They're kind of cute.

This is my mostly finished painting. I still really kind of hate it a lot, but that's because I just get easily frustrated with the whole trying to figure out how to use a palette knife...I still don't really get it.

Sunsets! They are beautiful - I don't care who you are. I love pictures of them. Anytime I see sunrises/sets I snap a kajillion photos just to make sure I got a good one in there somewhere.

This is a painting/inking that one of my art 100 students did. My kids are amazing, can I just tell you! I'd like to brag that I'm a really great teacher, but I think this is just a case of natural talent. Whatever, whatever. I'm still impressed with what my students can do!

Baby octopus, anyone? Yeah, I didn't think so. But can you believe we have them in Moscow??

And these are drawings that I did today. I'm really on the fence about this drawing class. I go back and forth between loving it and loathing it. But today was nice, since we just got to focus on the face. The second one is my favorite :)

Also, it's the beginning of spring break. My mind has left me. And it doesn't help that I got coffee drunk at work...I'm awake! I'm awake! I'm awake! And also very sleepy. How does that work?


  1. Hey! It has been forever since I have read your blog..I'm sorry about that! :( I haven't been a very good 'follower'! But I haven't been a very good blogger either! :) but anyway, I have been reading the past 30 minutes...and wow I have missed a LOT!!
    I was very sorry to read about Prince charming :(! I am glad you are trying to keep a friendship tho, that is a good thing!! :)
    Ok, well now that I have written a HUGE comment..I will stop! lol but I promise to be a more faithful reader! :)

  2. Pleh! Baby octopus? (*shivers*) Don't even want to think about it! Love the term coffee drunk! I think you should coin that term :D

  3. Actually, I happen to be quite fond of eating squid/octopus. For reals. But I did live in Hawaii for a while, so I gained a healthy taste for Asian cuisine.

    I had some particularly delicious squid about a month ago at a Korean BBQ place with my TEFL friends. So good. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

  4. Liz, you are too cute :) i don't comment as often as i should on your blog either, but just know i do read it! i'm just a horrendous commenter!! ah!

    and cassandra, i like squid and i've had octopus before...i've just never actually seen what it looked like before you cook it. i thought it was pretty cool and gross at the same time. i wanted to take it out of the package and play with


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