Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Blues

It's raining today - a sure sign of spring. I need an umbrella and some rain boots. And also shorter pants. I'm ready for warmer weather. And I'm ready for it to stop raining.

I'm ready for a lot of things, too. Like the semester being over, the weekend, and blooming flowers. Shorts, flip flops and painted toenails.

Hard to believe it's only Tuesday. I feel like sometimes time drags on and on forever and other times all I do is snap my fingers and hour is gone. And then sometimes it turns into two hours, three hours, etc. The weekends go by quickly and the weekdays last forever it seems.

I think that's partly because I'm so ready to be out of class, and partly because the Spring semester always goes by slower than the Fall.

I want some sunshine though. Just enough to make my heart happy. And to help the flowers grow.


  1. Come visit me and you'll have all the things you long for. Lv you. Oma

  2. You look sad. :( But it will be Spring soon, I promise you that. :)


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