Friday, December 10, 2010

The Amazing DP

Do you know that TheKeeper turns 18 this month? And TheMechanic turns...fifteen? And my sister, The lovely DP, she's 13 now? I would just like to throw this out there...when did this happen?

I mean, it's less of a shock to me that TheKeeper will be old enough to vote because he really is so close to my own age and it's been like that since I can remember...since we're only two years apart. TheMechanic, well in my mind he will always be thirteen-ish. I'm not sure why that age sticks with me, but that's how I always picture him even though currently he is about six feet tall and has a driving permit.

But the one that just amazes me the most has got to be my sister. Seven years my junior, she is turning into a beautiful lady. I mean, when I think about my sister I always picture this:

(The DP with her daddy and great uncle)

And now, just look at how pretty is! I mean, she is her own person. She goes to friends' houses, she goes to school, she has her own thoughts and opinions about things... She wears make-up, for crying out loud!

I still see her as a seven year old girl though. She's not allowed to grow up.

(march 2010)

Seriously? When did this happen?

And it makes me wonder...if I feel this way about my sister, what will I be like when I have my own kids?

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  1. You two look a lot alike and you're both adorable!


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