Monday, September 20, 2010

So Far So Good

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Blog World, day one is almost officially over with only three hours left to go. My feet ache, my knees ache, my fingers look like this:

But after spending four hours (at least!) in the printmaking room, standing, without a break, I came home to a new episode of House, MD with only the best looking Gregory ever and this:

(we're new bffs. I'm not giving him back to his rightful owner. ever. end of story. period. he's mine.)

It's been a terribly long day. And I do believe tomorrow is going to be even longer!! This is really honestly only good for me. I'm occupied, busy, and have no time to dwell on things that will never be. Today has been just lovely actually.

I have to admit that it wasn't totally and completely 100% Prince free though because I did in fact pass him coming and going from class two times today. Two times! But we didn't talk. We just waved. He had his headphones in and was wearing a black button down shirt and looking mighty handsome, but I can do this is.

I can so do this.

Today I was wondering what it would be like if I got seriously injured and had to go to the hospital. Would Prince come visit me there even though we're not supposed to see each other for a week? Have you ever wondered anything like that?

I was thinking as I was wondering how extremely odd it was to wonder such a thing. But I do that occasionally. Wonder about who would be there for me if I was ever hurt.

I chose to believe Prince-y would come and see me. I really think he would. But that is beside the point.

Tonight I put all my effort into this:

I made like 10 of these things. Each one is different colors. And it took for freaking ever!

And let me tell you, it's time for a shower and then bed.

So far so good, Bloggies, so far so good.


  1. Love the picture and that is a freakin' adorable dog!

  2. That might be the cutest puppy ever.

    Glad things are going good.


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