Saturday, May 29, 2010

The One That Lacks Organization of Any Kind

Lately I have been in a writing mood, but as soon as I sit down to type something out all the words disappear from my head. It's like they get stage fright and run back to the green room locking the door behind them. They throw temper tantrums, hair dryers go flying, it's just like a war zone in that green room of refusal to cooperate. My brain doesn't respond well to that, so while there's a green room battle raging, it goes super blank and I stare at a blank page with my eyes starting to glaze over. 

I usually look at whatever's in front of me and cross my fingers that inspiration hits me hard and upside the head. It usually doesn't. Especially when what's sitting in front of me is the television playing Miranda Lambert songs. I got distracted. Lost my train of thought. 

I promise there was somewhere I was going with that last part....and then I lost it. And then all of a sudden I got it back, and then I didn't. And then I had it, but now I don't. Other than the television sucks your soul. I really shouldn't try to blog and watch a show at the same time. It's just bad news for everyone. 

But I've been thinking lately about stuff. Lots of stuff. And I think "Oh I should write about this" but then I wonder if anyone wants to read about that. But then again, it's my blog and if you follow me then you must like what I say or you stop following? Or you just keep tabs on me to see what wondrous garbage escapes my brain compartments this time. 

Maybe today I'll do something interesting and note worthy and inspiring. Or maybe I'll putter around the house and rot my brain with screen time and sugary foods. Since school got out I'm just waiting for camp to start so I can move back out of my parents' house. I don't have a room at my parents' because my sister took over my room - so her stuff filled up my ex-room, which means that when I come home I have no where to store my stuff. 

I have no dresser, I have almost no closet space. My totes from school are just sitting in the middle of the room. It's like a jungle of boxes. But that's what happens when one is in transition. Everyday I navigate through the forest that is taking over my bedroom while I pull my clothes out of a suitcase. I've started keeping clothes in my car for easy access. 

When camp starts though I'll have space. I'll still be sharing a room with some other girls, but I'll be a little more spread out. Plus, none of the girls I live with at camp are as messy as my sister. It's like dressers don't exist in her world. She's 12 if that tells you anything. 

Not only is she 12 but she's bigger than me! She's taller, has bigger feet so I can't even steal her shoes, she has bigger hands than me, she steals my clothes, all the usual suspects of living life as the little sister. She seven years younger than me too. 


On the hand, what's not so joyous is the weather. Yesterday was beautiful, but today it's like I'm wondering where in the world Summer is? It's almost June. The weather needs to get better and act likes supposed to. What's the summer gonna be like if it's never gets hot? That's something I don't want to ponder. 

I need sunshine. Camp this summer will suck without it. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to recover from this mess of a post by eating some ice cream and taking a nap. 


  1. I hate living in transition! Never had a sister to steal my clothes. And definitely know what you mean about sitting down to write and your mind going blank. And? Totally LOVE Miranda Lambert!

  2. I'm currently living out of a suitcase. I hate being in transition, probably because it happens to me so often. Blah.

    My little sister has been bigger than me most of my life, but that's just because we're so close together in age, we might as well be twins. So, I was usually the one stealing her clothes, because she couldn't fit in any of mine. Hahaha.


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