Friday, April 30, 2010

A Very (Un)Productive Friday

Today I slept until noon. I've been sick, you know. Since my cousin's wedding. And then yesterday it felt like my throat was two sizes too big for my neck. I figured a good night's rest was in order. Whenever I get a sore throat my mother always asked if I've been getting enough sleep. Usually the answer is no. Boy does she know me, or does she know me? 

I would hope so. She did give birth to me and raise me after all.


This morning my throat is in a much better condition, you see. I was able to do laundry (including my bed sheets, which is a big deal because I always feel like it takes so. much. effort. You strip the bed, waddle down to the washer and dryer, shove them in, and when they're done you have to waddle all the way back and make sure they fit the right way and you're not putting them on sideways lest you short sheet yourself, and well? Who wants to do that. Really.) 

After I had waddled down to the laundry room with my load of dirty clothes and bed sheets/pillow cases and waddled back, I flicked on the TV. Because what is one to do while the laundry is spinning around in circles with it's fancy agitator twisting and turning them every which way? 

Practically the only channel I watch is TLC. It has almost all of my favorite shows except House, Glee, ANTM and Chuck. I make exceptions for those because they are just too awesome to miss. But I usually watch them on Hulu or YouTube, so in all reality it doesn't matter that they're not on TLC.

Today the first show I watched was Four Weddings. It's a show were four brides judge each other's wedding  based on overall experience, the dress, the food and the venue. The winning bride gets a dream honeymoon to some fantastic somewhere, and doesn't it just make you want to go on a trip?

I love traveling. It's something that makes you wealthy. And not the money kind, because we all know how positively draining traveling can be on your bank account, but you get rich with culture and experience. You step outside your comfort zone to do things that you don't normally do. And I mean really, who doesn't want that? Besides a hermit. 

I can occasionally be a hermit. I'm somewhat anti-social. Actually I'm an introvert, I do believe. It's not that I don't like social interaction, it's just draining. I come home from an absolute good time and just want to go to bed and sleep off my overdrawn expended energy.

Anyway, the tall blonde Barbie girl with the sparkly heels won. Big shocker. All the brides liked her wedding best and she was the only one who served decent food. Naturally she was the winner. I'm pretty good at predicting too because I already figured she would win before the show was half over.

I'm amazing.

Then I watched one of my absolute favorite shows. Say Yes To The Dress. That show makes me want to shop. For a gown. For a lovely Cinderella ball gown. Or maybe an A-line. I've become quite versed in my televised experience with wedding gowns. 

I've determined that I do not even remotely enjoy the mermaid style. Some girls can pull it off, but it is not for me. I can't decide if I want sleeves or not. My mother, her sister and their sister-in-law all had long sleeved wedding dresses. But I don't think that's what I want. I want a summer wedding, eventually whenever that time in my life occurs (and really, who knows when that will be? I haven't even graduated school yet, and the deal with Dad is that if I get married while I'm still in school he's not footing the bill), but anyway do long sleeves even belong in summer attire?

I really don't think so.

But what bugged me about today's show was a girl who had a very distinct style she wanted (it was mermaid, but who am I to judge? Girls want what they want), but her darn mother kept pushing for a Cinderella poofy gown. I say let the girl have what she wants! She's the one getting married, not you, you old lady. Although I have to say, you may want what you want, but if mom approves that just makes it all the better.

Then Prince-y walks in my room telling me it's time for noms as he grabs both of my feet and starts to pull me off the bed. A real gentlemen.


  1. My day was just about as productive. All my fave shows are Thursday night shows, so I wake up Friday mornings with a nice long queue of brand new episodes to watch on Hulu, and I can't help but watch.
    My fridays are almost always a bust thanks to this fact.

  2. I watch that "Say Yes to the Dress" sometimes, and I get really angry when people who are NOT the bride start saying crappy things about the dress when it is obvious that the bride LOVES the dress. When I got married, my dress went half-way down my calves, was white with pink, tan and chocolate brown polka dots and I LOVED it. I am sooo glad I didn't listen to people and went ahead and bought it. You have to get what you're going to be happy with.

    And I don't think gloves are appropriate for a summer wedding.. I mean.. wouldn't you be warm??

    Hope you're feeling better!

  3. I'm glad you're feeling better :)

    I love posts like this :D (Not ones where you're sick, just...other than that XD)


  4. Ha that's cute about prince-y pulling you out if bed! What a mcdreamy! Haha

  5. I love Say Yes to The Dress. LOVE IT. Of course, it makes me want to go shopping for wedding dresses, which is a problem. I too do not find the mermaid style flattering, nor do I like the slinky open-back wedding dresses.

  6. I believe I watched the exact same episode of Say Yes to the Dress.

    Ain't nobody gonna boss me around on which dress I want.

    I'm paying for it and I get to decide, damn it!

    I hope you've made a full recovery!


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