Friday, April 23, 2010

If You Don't Do Anything Else, Click My Links

It's not often where I shamelessly pimp a blog for you. Actually I don't know if I've ever done that - minus giving awards to other bloggers and raving about their awesome pages.

But today, today it is different. You see, I've been meaning to write a post on this for a little while, and with a recent competition and the chance of winning a Wii thrown in the mix, I figure now's a good a time as any to direct your attention to the man in my life, Prince Charming.

You see, Prince-y is almost as artistic as I am. (He's actually a really talented artist. Don't let me fool you.) He also loves his video games. So he heard about this contest for one of his all time favorite games Monster Hunter! 

This game started out for the PlayStation consoles and the PlayStation Portable. Prince and his friends used to sit around in a basement and play for HOURS upon HOURS. Now they're making a new Monster Hunter game, but this time it's for the Wii.

However, we don't have a Wii. 

[Enter Contest stage right.]

People created works of art to channel their inner Monster Hunter and Prince Charming created this gem: 

But you see, now we need your help. He needs you to go here and vote for "Matthew" so we can win a Wii and the new game Monster Hunter Tri. 

He's shamelessly asking people to go and vote and wondered if I could tell you all about it since I'm more popular in blog world than he is. So here I am, also shamelessly asking you to GO HERE and vote for him!!

(He will love you forever and ever and ever but not in a creepy way if you vote for him!)

Also, if you would be so kind as to hop on over to his blog and check him out. Prince-y likes to write game reviews, but there are some very funny stories mixed in occasionally, and also some updates on his virtual art. The poor boy only has four followers, and they all are IRL friends who aren't really interested in video games.

So, if you like video games or know someone else who likes video games then please please please for the love of all hand eye coordination Go. Check. Him. Out! And VOTE!

Pretty, pretty please, with sugar on top?


Prince didn't win. Actually, the guy who took first was the only professional artist to enter a contest clearly full of amateurs. Oh well - such is fate. We're sad, but dealing, lol. 


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