Thursday, April 1, 2010

I Wanna Be Forever Young

This week has been long, I feel like. I'm glad it's finally Thursday. Actually, I was beginning to wonder if Thursday would ever get here.

I worked this morning. Have I told you how much I love work? Especially since the lady who bought the coffee stand kept me on as an employee? I heart her for doing that, even if I didn't like her much at first. That place is growing on me.

I'm doing a project for Design Processing that involves taking pictures of the sky at the same time every day to see how much it changes. This picture is my favorite so far. The exposure is pretty neat I think.

But this project caused me to think about photography. What am I saying with it? Yeah, it's just pictures of the sky. The first day I took pictures of other things as well, after I had taken my four sky shots. I haven't wanted to retake the pictures of those things, because I feel like I've already captured them.

They sky, on the other hand, is always different. From one minute to the next it almost never looks the same. The wind carries the clouds around the atmosphere, the sun rises and sets. I could take pictures of the sky all day. But I take a few pictures of a flower and I'm done? 

I have trouble seeing the changing in a flower from day to day. But I know it happens. I just don't have the desire to photograph it everyday. But I could. And it would different. Different perspectives, different weather conditions, different camera settings. Maybe tomorrow I will take another picture of a flower. Or a leaf. Or a branch. Who knows? 

Anyway, next Wednesday I'm going to San Diego for my first ever Memorial Service. I missed the burial service because that was today, and obviously I'm still here in Moscow, so I wasn't able to attend.

I haven't ever lost anyone this close before. I'm not looking forward to losing anyone else, but then again, who ever does?


  1. True that, sad to say it doesn't get easier the more people you lose. It just gets harder, because it dredges up memories from all the other ones.

    But time helps and not thinking of the fact they're gone. It also makes it better when you think of the awesome memories involving the ones you lost...

  2. I love the first pic.

    Be strong, it will be ok.


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