Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Believe It's Okay To Be Lazy

Since I've been home on Spring Break, I've been taking pictures. I like experimenting with the different things my camera can do. 

Monday we rescued my grandma from an overflow of brownies before we cleaned her twelve windows, inside and out. We also saved a few trinkets from a life in the landfill. 

I brought my camera over to show it off. My grandpa wanted to hide it from me so I would conveniently 'forget' I'd brought it over. But he had no such luck. However, it started feeling frisky after being cooped up so long in its bag, so I took it out and let it capture some pretty pink flowers that inhabited the kitchen table. 

Today I kidnapped my sister against her will and made her pose for pictures. I wanted to experiment with different lighting. Some of it worked, some of it didn't. Here's a sample of what I captured:

She was kicking and screaming the whole time, doesn't it show? Actually, she was game for having a lens shoved in her face, and she was glad to have some new profile pictures for her Facebook account. My whole family is on Facebook. And by whole family I mean aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, great aunts and uncles, second cousins, first cousins once removed, cousin's spouses, etc, etc. There is no escape.

But honestly, I kind of like it that way. Shhhh don't tell them that though. I try to keep my affections for them a secret. If that information got out in the world, there's no telling what might happen.

Besides harassing my sister and invading her personal bubble with the lens of my Canon Rebel, I also violated the clock, my mom's bell collection and a basket of pine cones in the living room. None of us will be the same again.

To top off my epic beginning to Spring Break, I learned that The Keeper broke his thumb. He decided that it would be a really superb idea to jam that sucker into the ground just to see what would happen when he dove to save a soccer ball from certain death in between the goal posts. 

So the picture I'm going to show him when he gets back will be this one so that he smiles.


  1. Great photos! Looks like you're having fun! :)

  2. I want this camera you have. So jealous.

  3. You take really good pictures! DP looks a little bit like you, too.

    Hope Keeper's thumb gets better quickly. The dog made me smile for sure! :)


  4. Wait. I never found out. DID he save the soccer ball from certain death?

  5. I love your pictures, they're some of the best I've ever seen. And I see the resemblance between you and your sister, both very lovely girls. :)


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