Monday, January 11, 2010

An Almost Entry

I was going to enter this picture in the I Heart Faces contest, but when I read the rules for this week's theme it said my picture had to be taken in Dec of '09 or Jan of '10. Well, I had just spent around an hour editing some photos that I really liked from October.

Since this photo is a tenth month photograph instead of a 12th month, I'm stuck.

So I decided to just post the picture anyway and maybe I'll get the energy to dig through my Dec and Jan pictures later. Or you know, I could just be lazy and wait until next week's theme before I enter.

They tell you not to enter to win, because you are far less disappointed that way. But I'm competitive, I'll admit it. And I like winning. Or at least
placing in a contest. I'm content with so much as an honorable mention - but you know something?

I've only ever even placed one time out of the whole time I've been playing this game. I go to some people's pages and see that they've got a whole string of awards and I can't help but feel a twinge of disappointment. I try so hard for what feels like nothing - just to be snubbed by some big wig with a digital DSLR.

Some people say you can fool the world with a little point and shoot - and Lord knows I'm trying. But please - even though they tell you there's a fair mix of amateur and professional photographers who are winning the weekly contests, tell me the ratio of point and shoots to DSLRs and then we'll talk.

So without further adieu, here is my almost entry from October:


  1. Nicely done!! That's a great shot :D

    Totally hear what you're saying about the pros vs amateurs in these contests...I get just as disappointed each time, myself :(

    But, you know, I'm just enjoying looking at the work of the pros and trying to make my own small improvements each week. Plus, I've met some truly kind and wonderful people along the way...and started following some cool blogs ;D

    So, even if it's not a 'win win' situation, at least it's a 'lose win' situation!!!

  2. That's a great shot. I love the eyes, they're very powerful. :)


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