Saturday, November 7, 2009

Epic Fail - Moscow Edition

I live in a college town. Obviously. That means I have college friends and we do typical college kid things. Like lobby for chocolate milkshakes after 11 o'clock when all the dining rooms are closed and only drive thrus are open.

First we walked to Wendy's because that's across the street from our building. The dining room was closed, so we walked next door to Arby's.

Also closed.

But the drive thru was open, so the four of us decided to see if we could walk through the drive thru.

However, it's triggered by weight and try as we may we just weren't heavy enough to trip the signal. Prince Charming's suite mate, LadiesMan, walked up to the actual window where he could see actual people, but no one would talk to him. At all.

So we went back for the car.

The time is 11:30. Wendy's is closed.

Arby's drive thru is open, but their shake machine is broken. Fail number one.

McDonald's is next on our list and also just down the road from Arby's. Too bad their shake machine ran out of ice cream and had been shut down for the night.

Off to Jack In The Box because they're open 24/7 LadiesMan declares. They're out of milkshakes too.

What. The. Heck. People.


This is a college town!! What does a girl have to do for a chocolate milk shake?? You people should expect this sort of crazy thing to happen and plan accordingly!

Not to be disheartened, we decided to see if there were any milkshake joints on the other side of town. All we found was a KFC and a Taco Bell. No milkshakes to be found.

It's now after midnight.

A&W is closed and darker than dark.

We found another McDonald's, but because it was after midnight, their drive thru was closed.

Baskin Robins? Yeah that was closed too.

No chocolate milkshake for our ice cream deprived feelings. We were out until 12:30 searching for a beautiful, tasty, deliciously delectable chocolate milkshake only to have our brave efforts thwarted before such a morsel could be found!

How dare you, Moscow. How dare you rob us of our chocolatey experiences after midnight! It's just wrong I tell you.

So Wrong.


  1. What a great post! I love how you wrote this! very clever. I am stopping over from SITS this morning and terribly glad that I did : ) I love your youth! College was definitely one of the most fun times in my life : )

  2. I know what it's like when you're craving something and you can't get it. It's so frustrating!

    Now I want a milkshake. Damn.


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