Monday, October 12, 2009

The Cold Is Really Getting To Me

Today is a good day for a good book and hot chocolate followed by crashing in front of a toasty warm fireplace to some soft, ear pleasing music of your choice. Unfortunately the only books I read lately are text books and online texts, and I have no fireplace to speak of. The hot chocolate though I do have plenty of, but I haven't really been drinking it. Sad, I know. I'm also blessed with some cinnamon apple tea, but I've only made it once.

Good thing I have tons of blankets to curl up in on my bed when I do homework, take online tests and Facebook to my heart's content. Also good for using when Prince and I play my newly acquired GameCube. And really good for listening to Prince's Enrique music.

It's seriously cold in North Idaho. The leaves are all lovely golden yellows and reds. The air has that 'chill' indicative of the onset of winter. The sky has gone from bright blue to overcast. Insects are disappearing except for the occasional fly finding its way into my mother's house and driving her absolutely bonkers. The birds are starting to leave, too.

However, on my way home from my 12:30 science class, I passed by a rather tall evergreen tree where the top of the tree was covered with birds. And they were all talking to each other very loudly. It reminded me of being in a small aviary at a zoo or something, and I smirked when I thought it brought a new meaning to 'family tree.' Yeah, I'm corny like that.

On an unrelated subject, my hallway smells like a skunk. I'm not sure why though - unless someone is hoarding a pet they should not have in more ways than one, OR one of the football players has really bad gas. 

I mean,
who knows?

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