Thursday, October 15, 2009

Artistic Updates

So the first four pictures are of the hat that I had to draw for my Art 111 class. I spent a total of four hours on this project and this afternoon at 3:30 we're having a class wide critique. I'm crossing my fingers because I hate critiques. Yuck. Also due today is my mid-term portfolio for this class. Woo. Hoo.

charcoal cross hatching

just your average everyday pencil drawing

penciled drawing of the hat hanging

colored pencil drawing of the hat crumpled

The next drawings are part of the storyboard for my animation film for my Art 121 class. I'm not thrilled about this project, especially because I have a rough cut due on Monday so my weekend pretty much looks like I'm going to be doing a lot of animating along with my brother's soccer game and Belle's Halloween party Saturday. Busy, busy bumble bee.

On the other hand though, I think my story is kinda cute. It had to be mysterious, and fairly simple given the time frame both needed to complete the project and the time allotted for actual production of project.

My main character was originally going to be a man, but when I had a change of heart leaning more toward the simpler end of life, he kind of ended up looking like a peanut. But I totally think it works. :)
He's walking down the street looking for a house to break into.

Found one!

Walks inside...

The table is looking at him.

He looks back at the table, but the eyes disappear before he can see them.

When he goes to leave the room, the eyes reappear

Everything in the house seems to be watching his every move...

He starts to feel like everything is looking at him. He's feeling guilty for breaking into the house.

Then he wakes up from this horrible dream!

Or does he???

The world may
never know.

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