Friday, September 18, 2009


So Prince drove my car a few days ago. This happens a lot lately - me making him drive me places. He doesn't have a car down here at school, and even though I like driving, I'm willing to split the responsability especially when sometimes we're going somewhere because he's the one that wants to go.

Unfortunately the other night when we came home from somewhere...I think Hastings, but whatevs, Prince-y parked the car on the curb in front of our building. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but apparently he didn't pull close enough to the curb. You see, you are supposed to be less than 18 inches away and apparently we were farther than that.

I had no idea.

The car sat there for four days. I don't drive the car everyday. I maybe drive once or twice a week. If I'd known some jerk of a cop was going to ticket me for everyday even though the ticket never moved off the windshield so it's obvious I had no clue what was up, I would have moved the car sooner.

We came to the car to go to WinCo and found a loverly surprise under the windshield wiper of the car. Four lovely surprising. Each costing a pretty penny to the tune of 25 dollars each.

I'm a poor college student. Emphasis on the poor.

And so is Prince-y. Extra emphasis on the poor.

So you know what we did?

We paid with these:

On the bright side, I still have birthday cake of the chocolate kind. :)

Oh yeah.
Revenge is sweet.

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